Preparing to Play Golf Without a Driving Range

The course I play on a regular basis does not have a driving range. There is a reasonable chipping and putting green and a driving net. Of course this is not the best scenario for preparing to play golf, but I have developed my own routine make the best of the situation. I use my system when preparing for tournaments and most rounds. Continue reading


Minor Set Backs Are Expected

Working our golf game is a slow methodical process that takes time and effort. Sometimes it takes years of dedicated effort to make the adjustments needed to be a better player. If you think I am kidding, check out Brian Penn’s blog All About Golf and read his journey to lower golf scores. You will be amazed at is focus and tenacity. I too am always on the quest to improve and during this journey, I, like Brian, expect minor setbacks because it is the nature of the learning process. Continue reading

Selecting the Right Ball in a Scramble Tournament

I am on a bit of a tangent talking about scramble golf tournaments lately because of the discussion my first question a few days ago generated on Twitter. Today’s post will be the last in this series and then I will start to focus on the Ryder Cup! The theme of this post is selecting the right ball to play after the drive or in the case of a par 5, the third shot if you are on the green. It is a tough decision sometimes, but I have general guidelines I follow that helps easy the decision making process. Continue reading

I am Back to Playing Golf

Chipping for the first time in 4 months; time to knock off the rust!

After 6 months of treatment, I am finally back on the golf course. Albeit only chipping and putting, but I am back. I must say that this health imposed break from golf was challenging on many levels. Yet, I never realized the impact golf has on my mental state towards life. Golf really is a large part of my summer and I really missed playing this year.

Of course, I need to keep my perspective because golf is important, but not as important as doing daily activities with my wife and best friend. It is in this area I missed doing the fun things like kayaking, hiking, and day trips to explore our area. Now that I am back, we can pick up where we left off. Continue reading

Heading to the Golf Course

Heading to the links! Whoot!

It is about time I made an appearance at my local golf course. The owner and staff at Osprey Links are second to none as they have offered unwavering support throughout my treatments. The customer service alone would be the reason I will return in 2019. My plan is to head to the course on Monday or Tuesday, grab a cart and  loop a couple of holes with my friends. I doubt I will be swinging my clubs fully, but I figure I could take my putter and wedge and hack around the green with the boys. This will be a great first step and do wonders for my mental state. Continue reading