My Chipping Practice Is Finally Paying Off

After a month of chipping practice before my course opened, I finally feel like my chipping practice is paying off. I realize that I should have had a faster start, but after 30 days, I think I am still ahead of the chipping curve from previous years. It might seem odd, but chipping on DIY mat and off the ground takes some adjustments that I had not realized. But, all is good now and I feel comfortable over the ball when chipping inside 40 yards.

Yesterday’s round started off perfectly. This par 5 is either a hit and miss for me and yesterday it was a hit! After hitting my second shot to 40 yards, I was set up perfectly for the distances I have practiced in my yard. I selected a sand wedge and choked down about three inches. The movement of my hands down the club allowed me to swing my club a bit harder and make solid contact.

My ball landed about 5 yards short and rolled towards the pin. As my ball approached the promised land, I let out a “get in”! This is rare for me this year, but this is also one of the more exciting shots I have made in a fair while. My ball lipped out and stopped 4 inches from the hole for a tap in birdie.

On all the other 5 chips (which I one-putted), I was inside 10 feet every time. I felt comfortable hitting to the pin and most shots were pin high, but either left or right. I used my 7 iron twice, SW once, and LW twice. Overall, my chipping was very solid and I finally feel like all my practice is paying off.

Now that that great weather is back, I feel that my game will improve even more. I am touting a 4.3 handicap index at this time and I expect that with my chipping starting to improve, lower scores are in my future. I continue to think positively and believe that it is an important tenant of great golf. And with an improving short game, I have lots to be positive about.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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