Finding The Right Golf / Life Balance

As an avid golfer, I like to hit the links often. This comes as no surprise to any of my friends in my 3 foot space, nor to my darling wife. However, there is a balance that maximizes both my golf and other life activities I enjoy. Finding he right balance can be tough and but, after years of juggling things, I think I have finally found the perfect solution!

As with all activities, too much of one thing could have a tendency to remove its shine. Over the years, I have bounced back and forth between too much golf or life activities. When that happened, I found that I was not in balance and felt as if I was missing something. Well, now I have found the perfect solution and it stems from being aware of what is happening at home and at the golf course.

To maximize my home activities (kayaking, walking, hanging with my wife, yard work, visiting friends, etc) I have scheduled my golf so I have a manageable routine. My darling wife is very supportive and continually tells me not to worry about setting specific times to golf; just go and have fun. For this I am definitely grateful. However, I have found that if I keep to a golfing schedule, I can get easily partake in my all the fun activities available to me at this time.

After some adjustments, Rick, Blair and I have settled on a routine that works best for us. Because I travel an hour to and from the course, I like to play early in the morning. I prefer to play around 0730 hrs, but that timing is adjustable. Additionally, we like to play Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Four days a week is the perfect number for us and it fits into our current schedules. Of course, things can be adjusted, but his is our routine.

Additionally, by playing in the morning, I am usually home by noon each golfing day. This opens up the afternoons for other activities with my spouse. Or I can putter around the yard enjoying the great outdoors. Golfing in the morning helps maximize for any other activities or commitments I might make.

Having a routine of when I am going to golf is very beneficial for planning ‘to do’ things like Doctor’s appointments, shopping, getting together with friends, etc. By having set times to golf, makes arranging the other ‘to do’ things easier. Of course, at anytime any of these ‘to do’ activities can bump golf, but I have found that with a set routine, it is easy to manage around other activities.

Finding the right balance for all the activities I want participate in is all about routine. A flexible routine of course, but a routine none the less. By establishing when I golf and going early in the mornings frees up more time for my fun life things. Life is about balance and I think that I have found the perfect one!

How do you balance your golf / life activities?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


5 thoughts on “Finding The Right Golf / Life Balance

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  2. Jim,
    My golf/life balance is teetering on the proverbial seesaw. The 2-ton elephant is about to land on the other side and launch me into orbit. My wife has a rotator cuff surgery coming up and my top priority will be her while she is healing. Don’t really know what will be required of us other than we will figure it out. I’ve already cancelled my July golf trip to Michigan. I guess the silver lining is that COVID has kept me working from home full time and we are not scheduled to go back to the office until September 8 at the earliest. Easier to work on those balance issues with no commute.

    I’m finding my mind has been distracted the last couple times I’ve practiced. Gonna see if I can hold it together in today’s round. Glad to hear you’ve got your balance in order!



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    • Brian,

      No question that your wife’s medical situation takes the to spot on all priorities. I am sure you will quickly find a balance. Positive thoughts heading your way for her speedy recovery when it is time. Being a bid side tracked is not uncommon with all the things happening around us. I hope you found a solution for today’s round. More positive thoughts heading your way.

      Cheers Jim

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      • Jim, thanks so much for the kind sentiments. We are working out what our summer will look like after the surgery and I’m sure I’ll be playing some.

        For some reason, our greens sup set up the most diabolical pin placements of the season today. I hit 11 greens but only had two or three good looks. Didn’t make any birdies but didn’t three putt either. Oddly enough, I made a couple 20-footers for bogey which weren’t all that exciting at the time but at the end of the day, I was really happy to avoid the doubles. I guess I’d rather have a par and a bogey than a birdie and a double.

        I also discovered my loss of focus was due to getting too mechanical with my full swing, and practicing short shots with easy lies. My focus is better when I challenge myself during practice and think more like an artist than a scientist.

        At the end of the day, I was happy with the 75 on the scorecard. One of those strange days that you feel like you scored better than you played.




      • Brian,

        75 is a great score. Saving your score by sinking a few long putts is always a good thing. That happens to us all. I understand what you mean about scoring better than you played….that what happens when we rely on our putter too much. Regardless, a good round in the books.

        Cheers Jim

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