Finding The Right Golf / Life Balance

As an avid golfer, I like to hit the links often. This comes as no surprise to any of my friends in my 3 foot space, nor to my darling wife. However, there is a balance that maximizes both my golf and other life activities I enjoy. Finding he right balance can be tough and but, after years of juggling things, I think I have finally found the perfect solution!

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Swinging a Golf Club Too Fast

I have often wondered if there is such a thing as swinging a golf club too fast. I mean, is that not how we generate power and create wanted distance. I have experimented with many different speeds and found that, for me, there is a specific speed (or tempo) I need to maintain to ensure I make the best shot for me. The reason I was thinking about this as to do with the United States Women’s Open Championship played this past weekend. As I watched these professional golfers swing a golf club, I realized that swinging a club to fast is a real problem!

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A Glorious Day on The Golf Course

Grateful GolferWhat a fantastic day on the golf course! After 5 months, the day finally arrived where I could stop talking about golf and actually, well, you know…..GOLF! My first round of golf was at the Roundel Glen ¬†Golf Course at Astra, Ontario. The course is in awesome shape and experienced very little damage from the winter.

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