Swinging a Golf Club Too Fast

I have often wondered if there is such a thing as swinging a golf club too fast. I mean, is that not how we generate power and create wanted distance. I have experimented with many different speeds and found that, for me, there is a specific speed (or tempo) I need to maintain to ensure I make the best shot for me. The reason I was thinking about this as to do with the United States Women’s Open Championship played this past weekend. As I watched these professional golfers swing a golf club, I realized that swinging a club to fast is a real problem!

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A Glorious Day on The Golf Course

Grateful GolferWhat a fantastic day on the golf course! After 5 months, the day finally arrived where I could stop talking about golf and actually, well, you know…..GOLF! My first round of golf was at the Roundel Glen  Golf Course at Astra, Ontario. The course is in awesome shape and experienced very little damage from the winter.

Before anyone asks, I will be posting my promised blog about building a support team for your golf play tomorrow. Today was so much fun, I just had to talk about it. Now on with today’s round. Continue reading