Hitting The Golf Ball Hard Is A Myth!

To gain the most distance in golf, I need to hit the ball as hard as possible. I need to swing out of my shoes and let the big dog eat! There is not way around it, hitting the ball hard is the only way to gain any distance moving forward. Unfortunately, that is not the whole story. Hitting the ball as hard as we can to gain distance is a myth. The challenges of overswinging to hit the ball hard cause more problems with our game than anything else. One of the main issues I had with my swing in the early years is trying to hit the ball too hard thinking it was the best path to success. Well, after many years of failing, I decide to take another approach that set me on the track to success!

I found that trying to hit the ball as hard as I could all the time worked some of the time, but it caused my game to plateau in the low 90s or high 80s. There was not much difference in my score as I shot between 88 and 92, 8 times out of 10! Yup, I was stuck in a rut and I did not understand why. That was until hurt my shoulder (a bit) that forced me to swing my clubs easier. The results were surprising. I was shooting lower scores (slightly) that seemed much easier and more relaxed than my previous rounds.

Fast forward to today and my game has again plateaued. I shoot many low scores but cannot seem to achieve the lower scores that I want on any consistent basis. As I revisit my approaches, I realize that I was missing something or lets say I forget some things from time to time. Before I tell you about the one thing that works best for me, I think Rick Shiels should pave the way to understanding how to hit the ball hard while keeping control.

As I worked on my game, I found that there is one aspect of my journey that proved to be the best solution to my swing woes. To cut right to the chase, balance during my entire swing was my biggest problem. I would swing my club as fast as I could to hit the ball as hard as I could that I would be off balance during contact and in my follow through. It was the one constant in my early game that I figure I need to fix because my injury showed that my weakness in my swing was balance. I realize that I am probably skipping a few steps, but I found that balance was the basis of my woes that I needed to fix.

Overswinging usually results in a player losing balance through their swing. A golfer can only swing the club so fast before they have balance issues and that was my challenge early in my career. Now, I am in balance most of the time. When I try to swing faster (harder), I have a tendency to have poor contact or a weak follow through because my balance is way off. Every player has that sweet spot that coordinates speed and balance. It is up to each player to determine their unique combination where hitting the ball hard and balance find an equilibrium. There is no set or perfect swing speed that fits all players. Everyone has to find what works best for their game.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


2 thoughts on “Hitting The Golf Ball Hard Is A Myth!

  1. Bryson would tell us that overswinging is how you train and not for the tee box during a round. He sure makes it look like he’s putting everything into it when he swings, but he’s dialed back if he’s playing on tour. Only on a long drive contest does he reach for his own extremes in speed.

    It’s what that pro told me years ago too though not for the same reason. His advise was meant to help me overcome not having a range to get warmed up on that course. And his advice was to take practice swings. About 20. Starting slow and slowing building speed until you are swinging as fast as you can. Then when you get to the tee box, just swing smooth. Dial that fastest swing back to something you can keep your balance with because on the tee, it’s connection that’s king.

    Today wasn’t the kind of day where a shot taken with a full swing would do you any favors. Winds were 21 mph sustained with gusts topping 40. A true swing easy when it’s breezy kind of day. Today it was all about cutting off the swing. Keeping the ball lower. Clubbing up. Not swinging harder. Those gusts were enough to blow you off your feet while you were swinging and that happened to me more than once today so my score card shows a triple and two doubles thanks to the truly terrible places my ball ended up after being blown off my feet. But even with those extra 7 strokes I shot an 82 so I played pretty well as far as I’m concerned. Unfortunately the winds came at us from the west and on that course, that meant we hit drivers into either cross breezes or breezes that were dead in our faces. The only down wind holes are holes too short for drivers or at least where drivers might lead to danger if hit too far. I hit a 4 hybrid on one of them today. #9 has a ridge line in the fairway at about 130 from the pin where I generally try to aim my balls. I usually hit 3 wood. Today since we had all that wind I went down two clubs to the 4 hybrid. I hit it very well. Straight up the right hand side. Maybe too well since I found the cart path and got a big 1st bounce. Big enough that with the extra push from the wind the ball cleared that ridge line and rolled down the slope almost to the water guarding the green. 264 is what Shot Scope recorded for that shot. 6 more yards and I was wet. That beat my longest drive with driver today.

    I count it a very fun and interesting day out there. Not my best scoring, but I played very well considering the conditions we had to fight.

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