Hitting The Golf Ball Hard Is A Myth!

To gain the most distance in golf, I need to hit the ball as hard as possible. I need to swing out of my shoes and let the big dog eat! There is not way around it, hitting the ball hard is the only way to gain any distance moving forward. Unfortunately, that is not the whole story. Hitting the ball as hard as we can to gain distance is a myth. The challenges of overswinging to hit the ball hard cause more problems with our game than anything else. One of the main issues I had with my swing in the early years is trying to hit the ball too hard thinking it was the best path to success. Well, after many years of failing, I decide to take another approach that set me on the track to success!

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There is No Normal Off The Tee

Setting yourself up for success off the tee is critical to low golf scores. Ask anyone who is struggling to hit the fairway about their scores and they will lament that hitting three off the tee is just no fun. I totally agree with this assessment and while reading, your head moving up and down suggests you do to.

I have researched many aspects of hitting the ball in play off the tee and I have found that there is a normal convention that all experiments support. Specifically,  the concept of how high to tee your golf ball on the tee. This fundamental act sets the foundation for a great score and yet is often overlooked. Well not today! Continue reading