Lowering Our Golf Score The Easy Way

Lowering our golf score is one goal that every golfer pursues. If someone tells you they never play golf to shoot a lower score, I would have to look at them with a bit so skepticism. However, there are a few players who play for the pure joy and do not keep score. I rarely meet them. Regardless, most players are always trying to shoot a personal best every time they tee it up. For those players looking to lower your score, I know an easy way that will fit everyone’s game to consistently lower your score.

I have only found one sure and easy way to lower my golf scores. It has proved itself over the years to be successful and effective.

Putt whenever you can! Yup that is it. Putt and putt often. The sooner you can put the putter in your hands, the great the chance of making the fewest strokes on any hole. My strategy on virtually every hole is putt as soon as possible. I find that using my putter allows for lag shots offer the greatest opportunity for an up and down.

Imagine lowering your score by five or six strokes a round on a consistent basis. That is what happens when the flat stick is used more often. Researching how to lower our golf score, using the putter more often will be the most tip given. I learned this tip the hard way, but for those working to lower their score…..use your putter more.

I do have one caveat, this tip is most effective with players shooting higher golf scores. In my case (since I already use my putter as often as possible) I search other ways to lower my score. Being a single digit handicapper, I have a goal of using my putter less than 30 times a round. When I do, I shoot my lowest scores.

Lowering your golf score the easy way focuses on the putter. Putting the putter in your hands as fast as possible is the key to success. It is easy, effortless, and manageable by all golfers. If you were ever wondering where to start….the putter is the place.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “Lowering Our Golf Score The Easy Way

  1. My current average shows as 27.9 on Shot Scope over the last 15 rounds. 29.1 over all recorded rounds. The difference is all in those 3-6 footers that are falling now when they weren’t before. That’s a over a stroke a round. Even us mid handicappers can improve on the greens.

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      • 15 rounds is 3 maybe 4 weeks worth of golf for me. I don’t record all my rounds. So most of those 15 are rounds on the home course where I know the greens very, very well after playing them over 800 times in just 3 years time. It’s a level of knowledge I never dreamed of having. And don’t have when I play away. So I wouldn’t call it amazing. It just looks maybe a little better than it is. Play a course often enough and you just know where AND how hard to hit the ball to get it in the hole no matter where you are on the green. So while you may not drop the 30 footers, you don’t 3 putt. You tap in.

        It’s not just the knowledge, it’s the confidence that knowledge brings. I mean the only putt I missed in tonight’s round on the low side was the very first and that’s because I was off the green a couple feet and guessed what the fringe would give me wrong, not what it needed after it got on the green. That I knew. Missing an eagle attempt low is not how I wanted to start. But I dropped that 3 and a half foot birdie putt coming back to tie the hole and that was good enough. Drove the next green too (a par 4) and again had an eagle putt attempt. That one missed where it should. On the high side and it left me a tap in birdie putt of about 8 inches maybe. Again. Like it should. I know these greens. And so do the guys I play against. Many of them have literally thousands of rounds on the course. One might have as many as 10 thousand rounds here he’s lived here that long. The kind of guy who hits fades and draws on demand with every club in the bag and drops 30 footers almost every round though apparently not today. lol We skunked him today. 7 birdies today for me and I only won 1 skin. But the winners only won 2 so I ended up breaking even. But no recording because we just had too many guys and recording means I have to play out every ball or it’s cheating the system. So I stuck with just having the GPS numbers. Never thought I’d say this but I’m starting to get to the point where I miss it when I don’t have them. I’m still mostly choosing club before getting the numbers but having them, I use them. Getting front and center or back and center numbers makes having confidence in how much swing to put out a little easier I have to admit. Us old guys don’t change easy but we still can sometimes. lol

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      • Kevin,

        I agree that course knowledge is very important for putting, however you still have to make the putt. I realize your course is shorter than normal for a player of your ability, but as I said, you still have to hit the shot.

        Cheers Jim


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