Aiming Your Golf Shot: Shaft Angle

Anytime I am a golf shot, I try to ensure that I use the same process with the intent of creating the same positive results. My methodology does not change much because I have honed my pre-shot routine over many years of trial and error. Interestingly, throughout my entire efforts, I gave very little attention to the shaft angle of my irons and driver thinking that it was not as important. Well, I recently watched a video that changes my point of view or at least helps me refine my current hitting methodology. More importantly, I realize that adjusting the shaft angle during setup causes challenges with my aim depending on which club I have in my hand.

After watching he video, an experience golf would likely say, “of course shaft angle and aim point are directly correlated”. Well, I think in my case I unconsciously knew the main point of the video, but could not articulate it with any conviction. Regardless, I am aware now and thought it was worth sharing.

I cannot count the number of times I have watched players adjusting their shaft position when setting up to hit their golf ball. It did not matter which club they used, the movement was obvious. Now, I understand that with their driver and fairway woods, they were moving their aim point around thinking that they were just getting comfortable. In my case, I generally place the club they adjust my body around the club position to ensure I keep my aim point constant. This is the same for irons and woods. Inadvertently, I was compensating to the shaft movement by keeping it still during my set up.

There are so much to know and learn about golf. Every day I seem to stumble across something that will help my game. Today, it was adjusting the shaft angle forwards and backwards in my stance. I wonder what treasure I will uncover tomorrow.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

6 thoughts on “Aiming Your Golf Shot: Shaft Angle

  1. Here’s a timely video that came out today from Mark Crossfield showing 3 points to check in our setup with an iron. All three points he mentions in one way or another deal with getting a proper shaft angle at address.

    Of course you might change other things a bit here or there to shape a shot, but in general those three points will still be valid.

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  2. Good Morning Jim
    A Great device to highlight the importance of shaft angle as it relates to aim is the telescopic magnetic pickup tool. Stick it to the club face, extend it as as far as the magnet will allow and watch your aim point swing wildly left and right as the shaft angle is changed.
    It can be an “aha” moment for both shaft angle and lie angle education.

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  3. What’s that phrase Martin Hall keeps saying…if you keep on doing what you’ve been doing, you’ll keep on getting what you’ve been getting.

    It’s fun to play around with everything in the swing. Shaft angles, face angles, one plane and two plane swings. We learn a lot through experimenting.

    Had one of those feel good moments today. The new Cobra 5 wood has a ball size circle in the center of the face. It’s always heartening to check in and see you get most of the strike inside that circle but today I got a surprise after hitting my tee shot on 17 with it. I not only hit that one dead center I compressed the ball enough that there was a dimple impression covering that entire center section.

    Sort of makes we wonder if that ball is dead inside. lol I’m not one to compress quite them that much usually. But it flew 210 which is about right for the club and the breeze. Anyway, seeing that entire circle filled with an impression of the strike for the first time was a feel good moment for sure. And that has to be the only one I’ve truly centered. Too bad I didn’t get the face pointed the right direction. lol I pushed it well right but got up and down. Broke even again on the skins. Might have done better but I’ll never know. I hit what I thought was a great recovery shot from the left side on 18 but it got up a little fast and struck on the last foot of the only dead branch left hanging over my head. lol Back luck that.

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    • Kevin,

      Compressing the ball is definitely the goal for hitting long golf balls. The perfect shot is always a spirit lifter and 210 with a 5 wood is a great distance. Now, go do that with all your clubs….right? 😉

      Cheers Jim


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