Respecting The Game Of Golfers Of Old

If you have never tried using hickory shafted golf clubs, I highly recommend that you do. The modern swing may not fit exactly to maximize vintage equipment as Jordan Spieth found out. Spieth decided to spend some time with his Dad on the links using equipment that needs a bit more finesse when trying to maximize distance and accuracy. The challenges faced by a top tier professional are exactly the same as any amateur because the materials used, although considered top notch 100 years ago, cannot hold up to the power generated by professional golfers today. Having said that, golfers like Spieth can quickly adjust their swing in order to squeeze every yard out of these vintage gems.

Old Tom Morris, Harry Vardon, and Bobby Jones are some of the greats the mastered the use of hickory shaft golf clubs. As Spieth said at the video that he has gained a great deal of respect for the players of old. They were true masters of the game because they had to control the challenges of the material make up of clubs that were not really “mass produced”. Each club was unique it required a special touch by the players of old to maximize their performance.

After using hickory shafted clubs myself, I find that what Spieth said is absolutely true. Instead of buying clubs to fit my swing, I had to adjust my swing to fit the clubs. The major changes was to improve my tempo and coordination in my swing mechanics. The saying that ‘less is more’ absolutely fits for anyone wanting to use vintage golf clubs.

Golf is still a few months away, but I am looking forward to dusting off my clubs (vintage and modern) and melding the two swing styles together. I anticipate that using vintage clubs will help with my modern clubs by improving my tempo and balance. I base my conclusion on the many testimonials I received from other players Golf Historical Society of Canada who play hickory clubs. They are a great bunch and their journey to enjoying the history of golf is one that I now embrace.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


2 thoughts on “Respecting The Game Of Golfers Of Old

  1. It was good to watch the video of Jordan Speith trying the clubs from before 1900. He was likely playing with a replica gutta percha ball which is more challenging than the later hickory era. Having done that myself, it does give you a greater appreciation for the skills of players of old.

    Having played more than 400 hickory games and introducing a lot of new players to the game, the biggest difference in play is that you must have a smooth tempo to succeed as you have already pointed out. That being said, I have watched several good players hit them a very long way once they adapted to a smooth acceleration. I have watched my favourite Wilsonian Brassie (2 wood loft that you have played) deliver 280 yard drives. It was a joy to watch and reinforced what a smooth tempo could accomplish.

    The modern ball and clubs allow players to get away with a more violent swing. An off centre hit with a balata ball would spin off the planet even with modern equipment putting a greater emphasis on making quality shots.

    I enjoy playing with the vintage gear, especially hickory shafts. Most of the guys I know find that their game improves regardless of what era of clubs they are playing.

    Ten of us are getting the chance to play for the first time in over a month. It will reach a balmy 6*C and sunny. Most of us will be playing clubs over 30 years old for the fun of it.

    Have a great day. I will say hi to the guys for you.

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