Stop Hurrying Our Golf Shot

There are many golf shot routines offered by an equal number of ‘experts’. Over the years I watched many great players hit golf balls and none were exactly the same. Many had things in common, but none were identical. The reason for this disparity is that each routine is tailormade for the individual. Each player has a different physique, swing path, and capabilities. Having said this, there are some commonalities that provide a starting point for players. Three points offered by Chris Ryan are something that I do and have included them in my routine on almost every shot. They are simple, repeatable and do not take a great deal of practice to master; traits I always look for in golf tips.

In the video below, Chris Ryan talks about three tips that cover before, during and after contact with the ball. When I watched the video I said “of course these simple tips are important”! Then I realized that I do not always use them during a friendly match, but during a competition they are always part of my swing routine. Here is what Chris has to say:

Finish position and balance is important to a consistent golf swing.

Taking a deep breath before stepping into a golf shot is a constant for my pre-shot routine. “A pre-shot routine is a consistent and systematic procedure (a sequence of thoughts, checkpoints, movements, or details) that is executed by a golfer prior to hitting a golf shot. The pre-shot routine in golf is one of the most acknowledged but underused mental game tips for golf, especially by amateur golfers.” (Golf Monthly) To finalize my pre-shot routine and to prepare my mind for my golf shot, I take a moment and take a deep breath. This movement signals my mind that all the decisions are made and it is time to hit the golf ball.

The second tip deals with keeping the club moving. I am less inclined to perform this action. I like to place my clubface behind the ball without gripping the club. I adjust the face to be square with my aim point, grip the club, set my body and swing. I have never been one to waggle the clubhead much because I find it distracting. In Ryan’s video, he waggles to set his club and body to his aim point. Therefore, I accomplish the same result without the waggle. To me, the important point is to ensure your body and clubface is aligned with your aim point. How you accomplish this is an individual preference.

The last and very important point is to finish in position and balance. This tip is often overlooked. Many amateur golfers (including myself from time to time) seem to be in such a hurry to watch their ball flight that consistent finishing position and balance are impossible. It is a challenge to consistently repeat a proper swing finish. Many high handicappers move their feet before their swing is complete thinking they need to either help hit the ball farther or have a need to immediately watch their ball fly. My experiences tells me that if I keep my position and balance consistent, following my ball flight is easy because the ball goes where I want to hit it.

Chris Ryan offers three simple golf tips that any golfer can easily implement. Taking a deep breath, waggle your club (align to your aim point) and finish in the proper position and balance for your golf swing are simple, repeatable, and effective golf tips. If we incorporate them in our game it is very possible to shave several strokes off our score that might help you break the golf milestones of shooting under 100, 90 or 80.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


2 thoughts on “Stop Hurrying Our Golf Shot

  1. The waggle is more important than most realize. Being still or static is a muscle tensing activity. And being loose through the wrists and hands is essential, critical even.

    Distance gains of 5, 10, even twenty yards are available when we stop tensing up. And the waggle is really the only activity that helps.

    Well, gotta run. My tee time is less than an hour away. In the low 70’s today with 20 mph gusts so it should be a great golfing day. Hope yours gets there soon.

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    • Kevin,

      Thanks, I never thought of the waggle as a relaxing exercise. I will give it some thought. Have fun golfing today, it is only -30 C (-22 F) this morning. Not quite golfing weather. I still have at least 10 weeks before opening day.

      Cheers Jim


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