Developing A Powerful Golf Swing

There are times that I have challenges casting my golf club. Releasing my wrists too early to a point where I loose up to 20 yards distance with my driver. I do not do this intentionally, however it mostly happens when I try to extend my normal driving distance. I try to speed up my golf swing and as a result my mechanics become out of sync. We know from experience that poor golf swings are the result of poor mechanics and trying to develop power without practice is a known challenge. In my golf swing, tempo is very important because my balance and swing mechanics rely on tempo to produce consistent results. Over the past few years, I have tried (to no avail) to increase the power my golf swing produces and I have found a simple tip that should help. It uses a toilet paper roll and a golf club. Interested, the read on!

I know I have a swing fault of releasing my hands and wrists too early. It is something I have struggled with over the years with no success in fixing. Interestingly, I stumbled across this time by Natalie Adams that just might help my swing woes. It will help me develop power without really changing my swing mechanics. By delaying the wrist and hand release by just a nanosecond, I can see how I can create more consistent and controlable power during my golf swing.

What I glean from the video is that this drill helps golfers hold they 90° position between their hands a wrists until the butt end of the club reaches their left hip below their waist. By reaching this release point by their left hip, a great deal of power will be generated without and excessive amount of effort. My release is near the center of my stance. By moving my release point a few inches to my left, I can see how the power in my swing will increase. This minor change will hopefully increase my distance with each club without affecting my balance and finish position.

Nathalie offers a simple, repeatable and effective drill to improving power in our golf swing. In my case, it should make a minor change to my swing mechanics that could produce great results. This drill is something I am going to use in my garage (when it warms up) because I can measure the results by watching the toilet paper roll release at the proper time.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

3 thoughts on “Developing A Powerful Golf Swing

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  2. That’s a good video. The only thing I would add comes timely. Waggle. lol

    If you cock your wrists as well as she does it may not be as important. But if you don’t, being loose at the top will add lag. The drag from the club as you change direction will add wrist cock if you let it.

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