What Are Your 2023 Golf Goals?

For many years my golf goals centered around lowering my scores be addressing challenges in my game. This approach has served me well because my game has stayed sharp with some minor improvements. This year, I will continue my proven path, however it is time to adjust my vector just a bit. Recently, I have agreed to become more involved with the Golf Historical Society of Canada (GHSC) by becoming a contact person for promoting historical golf in my area. My involvement will be setting up a few golf days were the more experience members of the the GHSC can travel my area and showcase hickory shaft golf clubs and some ‘classic steel’ golf clubs. The entire venture is to increase interest in the historical and fun aspects of vintage golf. I am starting to formulate an plan, but it will include a stop at the Mattawa Golf and Ski Resort (my home course).

Setting goals is nothing new for me. I have offered my processes in previous posts and I think it is worth repeating for those new readers to this golf blog:

Set Goal – My first step is to develop a few goals and keep them as my end targets for improving. This year, my skill goal is to focus on improving my GIR stat. To accomplish this I follow this process:

  1. Learn – Determine what new skill is needed to achieve your focused goals. Remember, it is suffice to say that learning a new skill takes time. If it is important enough, there cannot be a time limit. You will decide when you have learned the new skill and you can move onto the practice step.
  2. Practice – The practice step is simple. You find drills (or make up your own) that reinforces your new skill. It is important to practice enough in order to make your new skill second nature. Additionally, practice helps refine your new skill to produce the results you expect.
  3. Sustain – This step can be the most challenging. Sustaining a new skill means that you must use it all the time. With some skills, we see an up and down ride of scores, but that is to be expected. Of course during the sustain portion of my plan, revisiting the practice stage is important to keep reinforcing success.
  4. Repeat – Once I have achieved my goal to an acceptable level (only you can decide this), I start the process all over again.

The process of learning a new skill is quite easy because I have used my process for most of my adult life. It is proven and for the most part successful. Regardless of the path I choose, I follow the four step method without hesitation. Now that I am in the back nine of my career, I wonder if my goal setting process will help with where I want my new journey to travel.

I have decided that I really enjoy giving back to the community. I am blessed to have encountered so many amazing people in my travels who helped me, on and off the golf course, achieve my goals. Now, I think it is time to really give back. I have not remained idle over the years with respect to community service because I think it is important that everyone add something to improve our 3 foot space. This year, I want to focus on the youth in my community and try to find a way to help them experience the joys of golf. I already have established a foothold in the community with respect to volleyball and basketball through volunteering; now it is time for golf to make an appearance.

I am not sure how I am going to accomplish my new golf path, but I am confident I will make this happen. I have talked about trying to set up a golf day or two over the summer and this will be part of my plan. However, I am looking to do something a bit more robust…..not sure what that will look like yet. Regardless, it is time to expand the interest in golf to the younger generations. It is just a matter of figuring out how.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

2 thoughts on “What Are Your 2023 Golf Goals?

  1. My goal is a little bit less standard and more personalized than usual. What I’d like to do is separately track handicap numbers for only courses I haven’t played before and work my handicap on them down to something close to my actual handicap which would of course include all rounds everywhere except the home course which has no slope or rating. It’s basically a way to track and hopefully improve my course management skills. As well as maybe green reading skills.

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