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As I searched for a topic to write about today, I came across something that really sparked my interest. Thinking about how to meld the words together, I found that I was at a loss as to what to call the article. So, I decided to go with an none descript, relatively neutral, heading and let you decide what how to title this article. What I found very interesting about what I found is that it immediately caught my attention and held it for many minutes as I watched the short video over and over. That is what made me decide to share it with all of you.

Here is the video that captured my attention:

As I watched the video, three things (actually there were many more) about Ernie Els and Freddie Couples swing caught my attention. Besides the tempo, because that was too obvious, they did other things very similar that as an aging player will benefit my game. In no particular order:

The first is the balance. If you watch the video a few times, you will find that Els and Couples weight distribution is almost identical. I can tell this by the position of their toes during the entire swing sequence. They are virtually identical and that helps them replicate their swing with amazing consistency.

The second is their shoulder turn. Both have their lead shoulder (left in this case) pointing behind the ball at the top of their swing. That is quite amazing considering how straight their left arm is during at the top of the backswing. It just demonstrates the importance of flexibility during a golf swing. Generally something that is lost a bit as golfers age, these two have not appeared to have lost any of their flexibility.

The third is where their belly button points at the end of the swing. Both have the center of their core pointing at the target at the end of their swing. The make a full rotation so that their picturesque finish is something to be aped. The movement and control of their core are key takeaways for anyone trying to work on their accuracy and balance.

I could continue on longer comparing the swings of these two legends, however, you can do that yourself. The demonstrate that balance, control, and consistency in a golf swing can produce fantastic results at any level of play. Like I said in my opening paragraph, I was unsure what to call this article.

Now that you have watched these two great players in an impromptu swing comparison, what would you title this article?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


6 thoughts on “An Article About Golf


    If I could get my left arm that straight and my hands to that height going back, I’d probably rip the flesh off my rib cage. Also, look closely at Els’ finish. His belly button is actually pointing well left of target because his flexibility allows him to fully rotate. You and I probably finish pointing at the target.

    Oh what I’d give to have those physical tools. . .


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  2. My first thought also might might an appropriate title:
    That’s MY tempo. I stole it from Couples decades ago. Well, ok, I copied it. 😂

    Notice how Couples is making a full swing with a 3 wood, and Els is doing what I call the 80% swing with a mid iron. His hands only reach to 10 oclock while Couples almost gets to 12. But there’s no difference in tempo!!! It’s a trait worthy of emulation.

    As to shoulder turn I’d have to say that both players have the ball placed differently in their stance. Couples shoulder’s turn well inside the ball in it’s forward position but Els only gets inside his lead foot with the ball in the center of his stance. If he went past the 80% point his shoulders might reach behind the ball, but with that shortened swing it’s not going to.

    As to their flexibility you are spot on. But then they have the benefit of personal trainers to help them. We have to muddle through on our own. But we CAN get there if we’re persistent and can do it without injury if we’re careful about it even at 60 and beyond.

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      • Yeah, it’s exactly the combination I’m trying to perfect in my swing right now. Stiff right arm, lead arm coming up under the chin, lead heal leaving the ground a touch to facilitate more turn, and a smooth easy swing that make’s it easier to repeat consistently.

        There was nothing consistent about my game today. It was all about up and downs. 10 birdies, 5 doubles, a bogie, and two pars. And both pars stopped an inch short of being birdies. I didn’t even mind so much the 5 doubles though I haven’t seen that many in any one round in a long time. Three of them came from simply failing to execute all the new movements well and sending my tee shot out of bounds, and the other two from hitting the ball too well and landing on the wrong side of the holes leaving super fast downhill putts I just couldn’t get to stop anywhere close to the hole. That’s something you just have to expect when you’re implementing new things in your swing and it starts to work but isn’t quite ingrained yet. All in, I’d count today a very good sign I’m on the right track.


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