Which Is King In Your Game: Accuracy or Distance?

Accuracy versus distance is an ongoing debate in the golfing world. If you fall in line with the top players in the world, distance is king! They demonstrate that hitting the ball a long way produces great results. The interesting thing is that they are accurate as well, so do they fit into my original question? You decide? But, for us mere mortals who have already developed a swing that might need fixing, which path do we follow?

I do not know about you, but I am at the cross roads of this dilemma. I believe that I hit the ball straight more often than not, but lack in the distance I need to get to the next level. And this is where my logical mind starts to play havoc with desire to keep shooting lower golf scores. Should I change my swing and go after the distance prize or maintain what I am doing now?

I know, using my logical brain again, that not changing something in my swing falls into Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity of “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

The challenge for me is: do I want to disrupt my game and short golf season to embark on a path of frustration with the hopes of becoming a scratch golfer. The answer is obvious if I want stick to my goal of 10 years or maybe I am having second thoughts….I am so confused. Then I came across the below statement, again by Albert Einstein:

As I teeter on the edge of the abyss, I have to take a step back and determine how deep my desire to be a scratch golfer really goes. If I want to shoot more subpar rounds, I will have to work on hitting the ball farther. My accuracy game has taken me this far, but I am not sure it will take me to the the land of scratch golfers. I am so confused…..haha.

Ultimately, every golfer has to decide what works best for their game. Personally, I still have some thinking to do before making a dramatic change. I think just gaining 10 yards will make a world of difference because I already hit the straight, now I need some more distance.

Thoughts? Keep my accuracy or go for the distance?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links?


8 thoughts on “Which Is King In Your Game: Accuracy or Distance?

  1. They are related. My declining distance (I’m 72) makes accuracy more difficult as it’s more challenging to have accuracy with longer clubs. I spend more time on distance (and short game). If I hit it longer my accuracy improves – go figure!


  2. As a soon to be 67 year old, accuracy becomes a better bet for me. I have watched so many of my friends in later years suffer injuries in trying to resist Father Time. I personally focused on refining my short game and mid range game and for the most part it has worked for me.

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  3. Jim, my approach is to make technical corrections and get both. Although, when I am put out of my comfort zone on a long course, distance becomes the priority. Keep moving the ball forward a couple yards at a time. You’ll get there!


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  4. I’d say by your question that you’re confusing yourself. It’s not really just a search for more distance. Both of us have ten more yards in us just with better, more efficient transfer of our weight most likely. Those little girls on the LPGA are lifting themselves almost out of their shoes they push off so well. You don’t see that in our swings. We control what we have. Sure. But there is more to be had if we want it. We think of ten extra yards as being something magic but it’s not really. It’s just a matter of holding that lag a few milliseconds longer. Making our turn coil us a little tighter.

    So I say there is no question. Search for it. Just look in the right place. A better, more efficient swing. The extra distance is there. And more.

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