Every Canadian’s View on Winter

As many of you know, I have a 5 month off-season due to cold snowy weather. Being a Canadian, it is something that I willingly accept. However, due to the COVID restrictions and now the lockdown rules enough is enough. I am ready for spring and the start of golf season. It always happens around this time of year, so I use the following videos to cheer me up. They are spot on as the temperatures dip below -20° Celsius (-4° F) at night!

Additionally, I venture out in all kinds of weather. I have talked about snowshoeing, shoveling and walking in the white stuff just for fun. This year, I am trying to get out more, but as the temperatures dip, so does my desire to head outdoors. I have all the kit I need, but my get up and go seems to be in short supply right now. 🙂

Interestingly, the closer spring approaches, Canadians are more akin to this:

I enjoy the four seasons in Canada. However, come the end of January in to mid February I am ready for the snow to melt and golf season to start. I find the next 57 days (today until 21 March 2021) and 82 days until opening day (15 April 2021) the longest of the year as I anticipate the arrival warmer temperatures. It is something I have accepted, grudgingly, but things do not get any easier.

I hope you have an awesome day where ever you are and if you are playing golf, keep it on the short grass!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


6 thoughts on “Every Canadian’s View on Winter

  1. Jim, crank up that wood stove and hit the DIY! You’ve got something new to work on, right? Introducing a fresh thought or method always helps defeat the blahs. Come on man, get going! 🙂



      • Jim, I haven’t played since Nov 1st. Been doing my 100 left handed shots in the back yard every weekend but the temps are topping out around 40F now which may not seem cold to you but is for me. If there’s no wind this afternoon, I may try my set before the football starts. It’s supposed to snow a little in the coming week, so I don’t foresee any play until February.



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  2. Well I can see we are going to be at odds here. You’re praying for fall and I’m praying it never comes. 😉 It’ll be in the upper 70’s here all week. If it’ll help, I’ll try and play enough for two (though some may say I already do 😂),

    That said, I can almost feel your pain. After todays round, the next one can’t come fast enough.


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