Driven to Distraction On The Golf Course

Have you ever found your mind wandering when playing golf? Well, of course you have not! You are a seasoned, elite golfer who has laser focus on every shot. If this was only the truth…..right? Distraction can come in all forms, but mostly it happens when there is some doubt in your mind on which shot to play next. This indecision opens the door for any distraction to creep in and cultivates a condition that elicits poor play and higher golf scores. Unfortunately, once we start being distracted, it is a real challenge to get our laser-like focus back. However, I have a way that works for my game and thought it might help yours as well.

I realized I zeroed in on doubt as a main reason for distraction. However, just about anything can make our minds wander. I know in my case it can be as simple as a beautiful day or a insect flying around my golf ball. Having my mind wander can happen for just about any reason and likely every round. So, having a coping mechanism helps keep my game on track, which in turn leads to lower golf scores.

My process is pretty simple and straight forward. Anyone can do it and does not take any special training. Regardless of your skill level, you can accomplish my process in an instant to regain your focus. Are you ready:

Force Yourself to Think!

That is it. By forcing ourselves to think, we instantly regain our focus. What should I think about you may ask? That is a fantastic question, we should think about all the factors that will influence our shot. Some of the usual topics would be wind, lie, pin location, uphill, downhill, etc. The list can be almost endless. The great thing about my simple process is that once you start thinking, your focus immediately returns.

My experience of playing thousands of golf shots tells me that thinking prior to any golf shot helps prevent me from going through the motions. It forces me to focus on all the potential challenges each golf shot presents and as a result forces me to focus on making the best shot I can at the time. During all my best rounds (not always my lowest scores) I think before every shot. It works and the proof is in the pudding as I continually shoot decent scores and play well.

Force yourself to think is a simple process that all golfers can emulate. It allows us to focus on all the challenges of each shot and in many cases just focus period. I continually use this process with success and will continue to use it in the future.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


2 thoughts on “Driven to Distraction On The Golf Course

  1. Distractions. The bane of a golfers existence. Either they are trying to take you out of your game, or they’re keeping you from practicing your game.

    I like your solution everywhere but over the ball. There, thinking is never the answer. Step back and do your thinking then start your routine again and get your focus on your target.

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