Throwing a Golf Club

Throwing a golf club is unacceptable behaviour. Although it occurs more often than we think, tossing the iron seems is something I have avoided my entire career. Well, I guess that is not entirely true, but in the last 25 years, as I have matured, letting loose of my club in frustration his definitely not on my radar screen.

I  watched some players toss their club once in a while, but generally I do not play with players who get that frustrated on the course. I can appreciate they think they are expressing their competitiveness, but in reality they are showing a lack of character (even if it is just for moment). It seems club tossing is not an isolated thing:

I guess what I see is someone who approaches golf entirely different from mine if they consistently toss their club. I do not understand the level of frustration they are feeling and cannot really relate. Of course our frustration level does rise and fall during a round, but not to a point where I lose control and try to impale my bag with a club.

I realize that some pros do it from time to time, but this still does not make the action acceptable. Having said that, the philosophy of throwing our golf clubs does have some merit to our golf swing; check this out:

In the case above, there is a benefit of throwing your golf club. I bought some second-hand clubs last year and will use them to try this drill in the spring. I think it will help my game and maybe release some frustration while I play.

Have you ever thrown a club to improve your golf game?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


8 thoughts on “Throwing a Golf Club

  1. Kevin,
    My father wasn’t a golfer but did recall playing one round with the club pro as a teenager. During the game they were on a putting green when a club came flying and landed relatively close. My father was in shock. The club pro calmly picked up the club and heaved it into the woods as far as he could! When the perpetrator came looking for his club both my father and the pro had no idea what club he was talking about;-)

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  2. Jim, yes I have thrown; no it did not help my game 🙂 In fact, the last throw was long ago (1980’s). I was playing a par 5 and hit a poor layup with my second. Threw my 4-iron into high grass and spent ten minutes looking for it with my playing partners. Done throwing clubs after that – LOL!




  3. I have never thrown a club. But I have played with people who did it regularly. I once had a boss who took the company golfing regularly. A good guy obviously. But a man with a temper on the course. I’ve seen him go through 3 full sets over the course of 4 years. And my neighbor has thrown more than one while we played. Broke a couple too. And there have been others too. One thing is true about all of them. It never helped their game. Not one get better after their tantrum. But I’ve never said a word about it to any of them. I find it childish and telling them so isn’t going to help matters.

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      • Btw, I’ve seen this video and another like it. They are tossing clubs, not in anger, but as a drill for teaching purposes. Based on your handicap, I’d say you’ve progressed well past the need to use this drill. It might have been helpful to me before my instructor fixed my grip though. My hands and especially my trailing hand was positioned in such a way as to make doing this like shown more difficult then.


      • Kevin

        You might be right, but I like to try all drills before I endorse them. If I can master the drill, I can help those who might need it. Thanks for the positive comment. I am grateful.



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