Playing Golf Through Injuries

Any golfer will tell you that their worst nightmare is injuring ourselves playing golf. Over the years, I have had my share. It is sometimes was unavoidable and others by pure accident. Regardless of how I was injured, each it had a negative affect on my golf game. Trying to avoid injury during my off season is always a must, but sometimes my ego gets ahead of itself.

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Last week I attend the Military Ontario Curling Championship in Kingston, Ontario; I played with three amazing players and their skill enable us to win the championship.

I am rookie curler and although I have some skill, but I am really not all that confident when playing. I mean, how  steady can one be when walking on ice for two hours. And this is where the problem starts.

During the first game, I was sweeping a rock down the sheet of ice. The rock sped ahead of me a bit and I reached a bit further than I should of.  As I extended my sweeping stroke, my feet slipped out from underneath me. I was horizontal 3 feet off the ice and then down I came! I landed on the small of my back and was extremely fortunate I did not hit my elbow or head on the ice.

As the rest of the curlers gathered around to make sure I was okay, I immediately said all was good and slowly stood up. I sat down for a minute to make sure everything was alright and after a few minutes I resumed curling. I did have a bit of a sore back and stiff neck the next day, but I seem to be fine.

After thinking the whole incident through, I realized that my minor slip could have had a very detrimental impact on my golf game. Falling on the ice from 3 feet could easily have resulted in something serious and then my 2018 golf season would have been in jeopardy. Fortunately, nothing serious happened and I am good to go.

However, as I age I realize that an injury would be very bad. In the past, I rarely went to a doctor if injured, I just took care of myself. Apparently, that is modus operandi of many players:

I find that I do not heal a quick as possible and any injury is bad for my golf game. Of course accidents happen, but being aware of my surroundings will help avoid any mishaps. Additionally, I take steps to help prevent injuries by being proactive. Everyday I do one or several of the following:

  • Stretch
  • Aerobic training
  • Weight training
  • Mental Imagery
  • Practice Putting

Over the years, I have used all of the above during my off-season. My active training program has lessened my chances of being injured and as such I continue to maintain a certain level of activity. I have found that it is important to keep moving if I have any illusions of being a scratch golfer. In reality, I probably need to step up my training regime, but that is a discussion for another day.

Do you have a training program that follow that possibly prevents injuries and improves your golf game?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

9 thoughts on “Playing Golf Through Injuries

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  2. After experiencing shoulder lock early last year which my doctor said is a common golf injury, I have a few exercises that my doctor had me to do get my full range of motion back and now that I do I continue them three nights a week to keep it and to help insure it doesn’t happen again. They are simple things that don’t take much time and are hardly any real effort. I also make use of a hook that used to hold up a ceiling fan in my bedroom. I put a rope over it and use it for stretching. It is very close to using the pulley attached to the wall at the doctors office. Then I do some sit-ups and push-ups. And I ride my bike about 1500 miles a year. My favorite thing to do in the evening is to hop on the bike and go watch the sunset at the beach. It’s a 12 mile round trip and I do it at 22 miles per hour. But that isn’t too hard because the bike is electric and helps up to 20. I do feel the burn when I get home though so I know it’s still decent exercise. It’s not much, but that’s my regimen.

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  3. I have to look after my knees which can be problematic due to overuse and injury in years of running and skiing.So I do quite a bit of static cycling which seems to keep them pretty good. Ironically, one of my best ever rounds came when my left knee had flared up and I was swinging easy to compensate! Cheers, Rob.

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      • I found that I played well while recovering from my shoulder injury to. That was me who posted anonymously above. I reloaded my computer and must have not filled in the blanks accidently. Anyway, I scored well while I was still unable to move fully. It taught me a lesson in course management.

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