Loosening Up Your Core To Play Better Golf

If you do not loosen up your body before playing golf there is a chance that you will not feel comfortable over the ball for 3 or 4 holes. This is definitely the case for my game when I am running late and arrive at the course just a few minutes before teeing off. Even when I am early enough to loosen up my muscles, I sometimes go through the motion and really forget which muscles need to be activated before hitting my golf ball. My half effort of limbering up does cause challenges and can easily be rectified. Additionally, when stretching I sometimes forget to engage my core and lower half of my body which again causes challenges when playing the first few holes of my round. Short of focusing better, I found a video that will help improve my pre-game routine.

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Stretching Before Golfing

As I turn another age milestone this year, it is apparent that stretching needs to be part of my pre-golfing routine. During the off season, I spend a more time getting limber and this effort definitely pays off during golf season. However, during golf season, I seem to spend less time stretching before golf and I think it is time to change this oversight. I have tried many different types of stretches and I found three by Michael Breed that work for me and I think might work for you. When I use them, I find that my golf swing is fluid and controllable.

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Training for 2020 Golf Season

I hope everyone had a great Christmas! I sure did because I spent it with my loving family and our newest member – Windsor. He is a black lab mix that belongs to our daughter. He sure brings energy and joy to our home. With Christmas day over it is time to get back into our routine and that means my training for 2020 has started.

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Yoga and Stretching for Golf

With golf season just a month away, I need to step up my fitness game and focus on getting ready for my first swing of the season. I already train aerobically and strength training (not golf specific) 4 to 5 days a week, however I am lax on my flexibility training. So I have decided (starting today) to start my 30 flexibility challenge where I will stretch or do yoga for at least 10 minutes a day. My goal will be for 30 minutes, but I am trying to be realistic about my time commitments. Continue reading

Playing Golf Through Injuries

Any golfer will tell you that their worst nightmare is injuring ourselves playing golf. Over the years, I have had my share. It is sometimes was unavoidable and others by pure accident. Regardless of how I was injured, each it had a negative affect on my golf game. Trying to avoid injury during my off season is always a must, but sometimes my ego gets ahead of itself. Continue reading