Loosening Up Your Core To Play Better Golf

If you do not loosen up your body before playing golf there is a chance that you will not feel comfortable over the ball for 3 or 4 holes. This is definitely the case for my game when I am running late and arrive at the course just a few minutes before teeing off. Even when I am early enough to loosen up my muscles, I sometimes go through the motion and really forget which muscles need to be activated before hitting my golf ball. My half effort of limbering up does cause challenges and can easily be rectified. Additionally, when stretching I sometimes forget to engage my core and lower half of my body which again causes challenges when playing the first few holes of my round. Short of focusing better, I found a video that will help improve my pre-game routine.

In previous articles, I discussed trying to create lag in my golf swing. To accomplish this, I need to generate more separation between my shoulders and my hips. I have worked on this swing mechanic, but did not realize I was hurting my game by not really engaging my core during my warm up. Luckily, I found this simple drill that will help me achieve a more effective use of my pre-round time.

The above drill by Simon Buckley is simple, repeatable, and achieves a specific need in my game. It is so simple that I could do it on the course as a reminder to my body of what I am trying to achieve. I am not an expert and anytime we try something new with respect to moving/stretching our muscles caution should be taken. We need to work at our own abilities and this drill fits into my wheelhouse. You decide for you, but the intent of building more lag by engaging my core during my workout makes sense to me.

There are so many different physical movements in a golf swing that require specific attention. Since I am in a 6 month lull for playing golf, now is the time to improve my flexibility and strength. I have the equipment and drive to do so. With drills like the one shown above, I can start to develop a library of resources that will ensure I am ready for next season.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


2 thoughts on “Loosening Up Your Core To Play Better Golf

  1. I have to put a note in here because I don’t think what your saying is quite right.

    Separation is the upper body moving one way while the lower body is moving another. We achieve max separation by starting the weight shift forward (towards the target) with our lower bodies before we get to the top of the swing with our upper body. Doing that you will feel well the stretching of muscles. (Side note here. I open the hips just a little just before beginning the take away. By open, I mean right side hip moves back. So I start with a tiny amount of separation between upper and lower body. I do that for only one reason. It helps me begin my swing or more specifically my turn in the right direction and stops any impulse to sway even a little.)

    Separation though has nothing to do with lag. Lag is simply explained by saying the club head follows the hands and isn’t over taking them or even trying to catch up with them. We attain that by simply not allowing our wrists to release the club. And if we allow our wrists to remain loose, we can even have a small amount of lag added in the transition to the down swing through physics. The drag of the club will increase wrist cock of we allow it.

    You don’t need a ball to search for lag. A club and your ears will suffice. What you want to look to do is just take practice swings as fast as you can make them. You will find that the key to the city is getting the sound of that swoosh to move toward the target. For a right hander, the farther left of center you get that sound to start, the faster you’ll be swinging.

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