Stopping Golf’s Paralyzing Madness Of Indecision

Golf is a game of decisions. As an amateur, professional or somewhere in between, each players is confronted with choices that cause anxiety. The anxiety is not rooted in failure, but in the multitude of choices ones faces for every shot. Yes, there are players that grab the same club for most shots because they have confident that they can hit it well regardless of the lie, distance, or position in the general playing area. That approach is a choice as well and as we all know is wrought with pitfalls. In other cases golfers over think their shot and that leads to ‘analysis paralysis’. Regardless of the category you fall under, indecision becomes the root of most miss shots or is it?

After much introspection, I think I have boiled down the indecision woes to two things. The first is ensuring we have a decision making process. I have talked about this before and clipped out the quick process I use to make a decision for every shot. I will mention that once this process is in place, then the real madness of indecision is rooted in on challenge and it is the likely the biggest of all. But first my process:

My process is very simple…..I think. I start with the yardage and that generally offers a possibility of three clubs. Then, I look at the wind, ground conditions, temperature, elevation, pin location, and temperature. Next, I calculate the type of shot I want/need to hit (high, low, shaped, or special). Lastly, I added how well I am hitting the ball that day (feel). I calculate all of this in a matter of seconds and then I commit to my shot, select my club, and positively execute my decision. That about sums up how I make each shot. From article called: Do You Have A Shot Making Analysis Process?

There is one word that is more important than all others in the above paragraph. It is an action word that requires definitive action and a focused decision. The word is COMMIT. This small six letter word will change your game instantly. It removes all indecision anxiety and empowers our thoughts to proceed with confidence. Committing to every shot will ensure that your golf game is played with focused intent. Only success stems from this approach.

Because we commit to our golf shot does not always mean we will hit a great shot. Of course you realize this and have moved pasted the obvious. Committing to your shot removes the paralysis of indecision by quieting the white noise in our heads as we stand over the ball. It removes the fear of hitting a poor shot because we have decided that this is the shot we are going to make. Can we choose the wrong type of shot? Of course we can, but is part of the game. What committing does is prevents every golfer from half-heartedly hitting a mediocre shot because they are filled with doubt. In my opinion, committing to every golf shot is the foundation of great golf.

Golf is a decision making sport. Every shot requires us to make many decisions that is maddening, paralyzing, and rewarding at the same time. To reduce or eliminate Golf’s Paralyzing Madness Of Indecision, I recommend that you commit to each shot. Committing to your chosen shot is by far the best approach to successful golf. Committing to your golf shot works on the mental and physical aspects of your swing without fail. The best aspect of my monumental change in your game is that you are in control Only you can adopt this simple approach to shot making. You hold the keys to success and lower golf scores.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

6 thoughts on “Stopping Golf’s Paralyzing Madness Of Indecision

  1. Since I have the attention span of a gnat, I find that once I have assessed the shot required, commit to the shot and get on with it. For most shots, this is an easy process. If there are too many thoughts or doubts, the results will not be good.

    I find that trusting my first choice of shot works best. Analysis paralysis is the worst thing for most golfers, especially in putting.

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  2. Last second doubts are my killer. No matter how much I put into the preshot routine, those niggling doubts can creep in still. And when they do it seldom leads to good things. Mostly though I find that it’s the scoring clubs it happens with. Chips and pitches are the shots I find the hardest to keep my commitment to.

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      • I’m kind of hoping that the new GPS watch will help alleviate a lot of that with some time. My work with the clock system isn’t as thorough with wedges as it has been with irons. Mostly because I get 50 and 100 etc yardage markers to work with on the ranges but no 10 and 20 yard markers. So I’m doing a ton of guess work and when the critical times arrive that I need to rely on those guesses I leave an open door for doubt. But with some time with the gps watch I should be able to get real numbers I can rely on. The only issue I see is I have to do that on a course because the watch isn’t going to recognize the distances on the practice areas. Thankfully living on a course makes that something I can manage to get around.

        It’ll take time. But I have plenty of that.

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      • Kevin,

        You have a plan to move forward and that is always a good thing. I am sure that you will master the connection between your GPS and what the means for a half shot. I am looking forward to hearing about your successes.

        Cheers Jim


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