Stopping Golf’s Paralyzing Madness Of Indecision

Golf is a game of decisions. As an amateur, professional or somewhere in between, each players is confronted with choices that cause anxiety. The anxiety is not rooted in failure, but in the multitude of choices ones faces for every shot. Yes, there are players that grab the same club for most shots because they have confident that they can hit it well regardless of the lie, distance, or position in the general playing area. That approach is a choice as well and as we all know is wrought with pitfalls. In other cases golfers over think their shot and that leads to ‘analysis paralysis’. Regardless of the category you fall under, indecision becomes the root of most miss shots or is it?

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Indecision Hurts the Golf Swing

I have played rounds of golf where every decision was quick. I was in a groove, played each shot as designed and, for the most part, everything worked out very well. I have played rounds where I did not think at all and went through the motions. Those rounds were less successful.

Then, there were rounds where I had to think my way around the course. I am talking about those rounds of golf where everything is going well, but course management is critical to success. They are fun rounds and I enjoy these the most. However, I have found that during these rounds, indecision really hurts the bottom line. The number I write on my scorecard is a direct reflection on my level of confidence at that time. Does this happen to you? Continue reading