The Right Time To Play Golf For Your Game

I do not know about you, but I am a morning person. I enjoy getting up at oh-dark-30 and experiencing the morning sunlight spread joy effortlessly to the world. As a golfer, when the sun is shining we are ready to play. I understand that there are exceptions, but I choose to stay in my nirvana for as long as possible. My affinity for mornings also transcends into my golf game where I have enjoyed the rounds most when playing in the early morning. The serenity of looping a golf course with very little sensory interruptions (except for nature of course) I actually feel my game and relish that for a few stolen moments I am in my bliss. Unfortunately, this zen type scenario does not always equate into my best scores. Actually, it rarely does and the morning glory is not best for my scores!

After thousands of rounds of golf, I have come to realized that I play my best scoring golf when I start around 10 am. At this time, the dew is off the course, I have had time to warm up, I am mentally awake, and my mental focus is on playing golf. Many of you are probably thinking that any time I hit the links should perfect for playing. Well, in my case the different times of the day offer different experiences and these experiences affect my golf score.

I have explained my feelings of playing in the morning already, so there is no reason to rehash it again. Before delving into my optimal time to play scoring golf, let me talk about afternoon and evening golf.

I have played well in the afternoon and evening, yet it is more of a grind than starting in midmorning. I find that as my day plods along, my anticipation for playing golf wanes. Yup, one would think that it would grow, but not in my case. Even when I was working and had to play golf right after work, I was happy to hit the links, but I was not ecstatic. Not like in the early morning. Also, I found (find) that I physically and mentally drained from my days activities to really put my best foot forward on the golf course. I enjoy playing Men’s Night with my friends, but even then I do not always bring my best game. I also find the golf course noisier because of the increased ambient sounds coming for all directions. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy playing golf at that time, but it is not the best time for my game.

Playing golf during the mid-morning tee times is best for my scoring game. The course is usually in great condition, the greens are cut, the temperature is comfortable and I am awake. I have played many rounds starting at this time and my best scores have usually happened when finishing between 1 and 2 pm. I am not really sure how this perfect tee time evolved, yet it has happened enough times for me to take notice. The most noticeable aspect of this time is my mental sharpness. I am able to the game I want without competing mental thoughts. Additionally, I find that I more mindful with each shot. It is as if I put my game face on and I am ready to conquer any challenges put in my path. I guess I can say that I am more competitive during this time and feel that I will play my best golf without having to force the effort. Therefore, I have concluded that teeing off between 0930 and 1030 hours is for my scoring game.

There are no right answers that fit every golfers game. When you decide to play (usually driven by life events) is usually outside your hands. In my case, being retired, I can play at any time. I choose to play in the afternoon most days because it fits my life schedule, but I ensure I make time to play in the morning and mid-morning throughout my golf season. If you have never thought about when you shoot your best scores, I suggest you take the time and figure out because it might come in handy later if you decide you want (need) a low golf score.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “The Right Time To Play Golf For Your Game

  1. I can’t say I play better at any time of day but I do prefer the end of the day myself. First off the tee early morning is always nice but getting out of bed not so much. lol Playing in the afternoon suits my sensibilities better but I don’t think it enhances my game at all. It’s harder to play late afternoon. The grass has grown during the day. Other golfers have left divots all over the greens and scuffed the surface with their golf shoes. But my lowest scores have been from afternoon golf just the same. But I would argue that is just the luck of the draw. I play far more rounds then than any other time of day.

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  2. I agree with you 100% Jim. I mostly play between 9 and 10. Since retiremdnt agrees with me so well, I am rarely up at the crack of dawn. As u mentioned the fairways and greens are often wet with dew in the early mornings. And I like u find my desire to play wains as the day goes by. I love golf, play 4 times a week mostly but rarely in the very early morning or later in the afternoon. Mid mornings have always been my go to time, I am awake, relaxed and also miss the crazy afternoon temps that we get here in the summer. Hoping for a short winter, esrly spring and more mid morning tee times

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