Remaining Mindful on the Golf Course

I have played a fair bit of golf lately and realize that I am not as recovered from my treatments last year as I had thought. This is okay because it is important to continue to push the physical boundaries even though things seemed to have plateaued. However, there is one thing that should never wane is being mindful while playing golf. I know my game is heading off the rails if I lose focus on making a shot or my course management strategy.

When playing Men’s night last week, I had a bout of negative mindfulness. I hit a golf shot, but do not remember doing it or preparing for the shot. My mental focus was all over the place and I actually can point the finger at fatigue as the major factor. Of my game lately, the lack of mindfulness bothers me more than anything.

It is this lack of mindfulness that leads to poor play and lack of enthusiasm for being at the golf course. Of course this hitch in my mental game is short lived, but it does have a tendency to point to possible challenges that is making my mind wander away from the moment at hand. Many life challenges could be the reason and should be checked at the first tee (like walking in the front door after a day at work) but this is not always possible.

Staying mindful is critical to my game. It empowers my physical play because my mental game is sharp. Understanding this, I make the effort to keep my mind on the job at hand and use my mental powers to gain a playing advantage here and there. If I am not focusing my awareness on the present moment then why am I on the golf course? My intent is to always play better than the last time out and this mental attitude has helped me be successful on the links. So, being mindful is a crucial part of my golf game.

The best way to sum up my view on being mindful is:

The next time I hit the links, I will be ready and mindful to play. I am rested and excited to hit the links again and when I do, watch out!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Remaining Mindful on the Golf Course

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  3. Jim, I am awed and inspired by your courage and determination after what you went through. A couple lapses from fatigue are to be expected and are okay. To even get your game ba k to the current level of proficiency is astounding! We are rooting hard for you.

    Good luck!


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