Improving Your Golf Swing One Shot At A Time

It is fair to say that feedback from contact helps shape our golf swing. I don’t know about you, but my great hits do not happen as often as I hope. But, I still keep swinging away hoping that the percentage of great contact continues improve. To do this, I will have to continue swinging and swinging with the intent to get better. Before you start yelling at me and calling me names for stating the obvious, I think if you sit back and think about it, how often do golfers hit their ball with intent.

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Remaining Mindful on the Golf Course

I have played a fair bit of golf lately and realize that I am not as recovered from my treatments last year as I had thought. This is okay because it is important to continue to push the physical boundaries even though things seemed to have plateaued. However, there is one thing that should never wane is being mindful while playing golf. I know my game is heading off the rails if I lose focus on making a shot or my course management strategy.

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The 2015 Golfing Season is Here!

The New Year’s celebrations have started all around the world! People are taking to the streets to embrace the sense of hope January first brings. Hope for changes in all aspects of their lives and for some of us in our golf game.

The 2015 golf season is upon us. As I prepare my plan for success, my sense of hope to reach my elusive goal of being a scratch golfer is in my sights and grasp one more time. I plan to build on my positive improvements in 2014 and let them fuel my desire to play even better in 2015.

The Grateful Golfer blog will be making changes as well! I plan a slow evolution towards….well I am not exactly sure yet. This is where hope definitely plays a huge role. Like all aspects of our game, changes are inevitable. Because if we always do what we always have done, then we will always get what we already have.

2015 is going to an awesome year!  It will be a year full of hope and endless possibilities.  I believe that our daily path is created by our intentions and actions.  We all have the ability to create the future we want.  My 2015 golf season will be exciting, focused and full of hope!

I wish everyone a Happy New Year! As the clock strikes 12, your 2015 golf season will officially begin. What are you going to do different to make it your best golf season ever?

See you on the links.  I am a grateful golfer!