Can You Feel It! It is Just Around the Corner!

With only 24 weeks until Christmas, we in the northern climes understand that the cool weather and white precipitation is only 16 weekish away. There is no time to waste as I have a few more golf goals to accomplish before the end of our season some time in October. I am not getting twitchy, but I feel the clock pounding in the background as I write this post!

I have already accomplished many things this year like:

  • actually playing
  • entering in tournaments
  • shooting 1 of 5 eagles
  • walking the course regularly
  • playing some different courses in my area

This is all well and good, but it is not enough! As my passion is ignited like a fiery phoenix each spring, I am not ready for my season to fall to ashes as it does every year. I still have the following to accomplish:

  • win a golf tournament
  • shoot more eagles
  • break par
  • play a few more local courses
  • have fun
  • continue to be grateful
  • shoot a hole in one
  • lower my handicap under 5
  • have fun
  • help out for events at my golf course (this one is in progress)

As you can see, I have much to do in a very short time. It seems that things are a feast or famine, but that is the way of short golf season. I am grateful for a core group of friends who help me accomplish my goals and that is really helps. Of course, my wife is an angel as she supports all my golf passions and encourages me to “go golfing”! I am truly blessed and grateful for my family and friends.

I realize it is the middle of July and there is a fair bit of play left and many of my Canadian followers are rolling their eyes. I will mention that just 8 short weeks ago, there was still snow on the ground. So, I am no too far off!

All joking aside (except for my goals yet to accomplish), golf season is in full swing. I am enjoying all my time on the links and will continue to express gratitude for being able to play at regularly. There is plenty of time to loop the course and I plan to take full advantage of each outing.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

2 thoughts on “Can You Feel It! It is Just Around the Corner!

  1. For us, that 16 weeks will be full of too much heat and humidity, so lots of sweating punctuated by tropical storms and the chance of a hurricane or two and we will be thrilled to see it end.

    As for expectations, I don’t really care about holes in one. I’ll happily take one of course, but I’ll be just as happy to hole out on an approach shot. Or 5 or 6 (I don’t ask for much do I? lol). Last year though was a banner year for those and I’m way behind this year so I’d love to catch up before years end.

    I just look forward to enjoying more rounds of golf and meeting some more interesting people out there. That will keep me satisfied.

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