Three Bad Shots Cost Me Shooting Under Par

During my great round yesterday, After the first eight holes I felt I had a solid chance to shoot under par. This milestone is the golden ticket for me and I cruising towards success. I was hitting the ball very well, my chips were solid and my putting was smooth. It appeared that the stars had aligned and an under par score was in my grasp. That is until I hit three poor shots that cost my four strokes. Let me lament!

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Can You Feel It! It is Just Around the Corner!

With only 24 weeks until Christmas, we in the northern climes understand that the cool weather and white precipitation is only 16 weekish away. There is no time to waste as I have a few more golf goals to accomplish before the end of our season some time in October. I am not getting twitchy, but I feel the clock pounding in the background as I write this post!

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The Things Golfers Do

Well today was a first for me in a very long time. I am not a fair weather golfer by nature, but generally I do not venture too far if the weather is going to be very poor. This morning is officially the coldest I have golfed in for about 25 years.

When I woke up this morning at 5:30 am it was 0 degrees, but felt like minus 4 Celsius. However, the sun was shining and it looked beautiful! So I donned three layers of clothing and made my way to the course.

Saturday Temp!

After a 1.5 hour frost delay (for you players who do not experience frost, basically, the water on the grass was frozen and until it melts, no one is allowed on the course). So my usual 7 am tee time was pushed to 8:30 am.


All dressed and ready to go. Only zero degrees….brrrr!

My round started off brilliantly. I birdied the second hole and shot par for the rest until the 6th hole. Then I smoothly bogeyed, then a double on 7, double on 8 and par on 9 for a smooth 40 for the front nine. The back started bogey, bogey; then a whole bunch of pars. Still only 6 over after 14, I bogeyed 15, 17, and doubled 18. Not my best round.

My biggest problem was my driver. I was all over the place. Normally, this is one of my best clubs, but lately it is by far my worst. I am in trouble off most tees. I had to punch out 5 times today. That is 5 unnecessary strokes!

In true early season fashion, now is not the time to panic. As I told you before, I do not worry about my score until 01 June. At this point, I need more time at the range to work on my short game and driver. I tried to use some of the great advice on the range prior to the round, but did not have enough time to really make any changes. Well tomorrow is another day and another opportunity to shoot under par!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

When The Stars Align

When the stars align in golf magical things can happen! You can score a hole-in-one. You can have the opportunity to play St Andrews (like my friend in the UK who is teeing off on the old course as I write this article). Or you can put together a round of golf that is worth of mention. The latter happened to me yesterday at the Roundel Glen Golf Course!

Glen Abbey (22)In my previous post, I discussed how I thought my tempo was a little off. I thought it was time to go back to basics, slow down a bit, and focus on making each golf shot.  Brian Penn commented after he watch my swing on Youtube, that my tempo looked fine, but my lower body and upper body may be a bit out of sync. His advice gave me confidence that things may not be as out of alignment as I thought.  So, I focused on my pre-shot routine and staying in the flow of the game.

Well the results were amazing.  I shot a 1 under score of 71 from the blues. The round consisted of 5 birdies, 4 bogies and 9 pars. The success on the course was a bit of the stars aligning and by focusing on my strengths, which is chipping and putting, I was able to score low.

Two obvious changes occurred when playing yesterday. First, when I was aligning my shot. I stood behind the ball as always, but this time I took an extra breath and let my shoulders drop a little. This minor movement totally relaxed my body before I attempted the shot.  What a difference! I felt confident and focused when making every shot!

The second change was my putter grip. I loosened my grip so I was gently holding my putter. I found that by softening my grip, the ball responded better off my putter head, keep the ball on my intended line, and misses were tap-in range close!

It was truly a great round.  I was fortunate enough to share this outstanding experience with my friends Mike and Jean. They were a calming influence as the round progressed. I am grateful to both of them for helping me stay mentally focused for 4 hours.

This round did, however, open many doors for discussion at a later date. As I looped the course, I encountered other aspects of golf that just adds to our daily challenges:

  • Scorecard watching
  • The “What if” Syndrome
  • Playing not to bogey
  • Course management  – staying within my game

I will elaborate on these topics in future posts. But for now, I want to bask in the joy of breaking par for the first time in years and mentally visualize the positive aspects of my round!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!