Remaining Mindful on the Golf Course

I have played a fair bit of golf lately and realize that I am not as recovered from my treatments last year as I had thought. This is okay because it is important to continue to push the physical boundaries even though things seemed to have plateaued. However, there is one thing that should never wane is being mindful while playing golf. I know my game is heading off the rails if I lose focus on making a shot or my course management strategy.

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Keep Calm and Play On

Harry Vardon is a golfing legend. He not only dominate the world of golf about 100 years ago, he also set the standard for how the game is played today. He has passed on many tidbits of vital information and none more important and to remain calm when playing. It should be the cornerstone of your game if want to consistently shoot low golf scores. Continue reading

Saving Strokes on the Golf Course

Everyone looks for places to save stokes on the golf course. It is natural to want lower scores at the end of the round. Unfortunately, if we are not paying attention to the opportunities when the arise, then it is an opportunity missed. Right now, most of you are shaking your head and looking back to your last round just realizing that a couple of missed opportunities. Yet, as I reminisce on my last round, I think of the moments when my poor decision cost me strokes. So, I ask you: is saving strokes on the golf course about missed opportunities or making your own opportunities? Continue reading

My 2017 Golf Season Starts Today!

Another journey starts today.

The day has finally arrived. After 200 days (yes, that number is correct), I am hitting the links! The long, cold off-season is over and at 2 pm today I am teeing it up with my friends Blair and Rick. Our course has 9 holes open because of the wet front nine and this will be a perfect start for me. Of course I am not planning to just show up at the course and play because that is how injuries happen after such a long lay off,. So, here is what I am thinking. Continue reading