The Perfect Golf Swing

I just watch Lydia Ko hit a golf ball in slow motion. Is this not a perfect golf swing? You cannot get the turn on the ball like Ko without training!

I thought I would share.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


5 thoughts on “The Perfect Golf Swing

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  2. Love how her hands and chest stay in sync throughout the swing and wish I were as limber as she is.

    I did kind of feel like I delivered the club that way today with the driver. Though I’d say I had more of a change in direction at the top.

    The numbers I got were better than expected after posting the data the new watch and club sensors captured today. Especially with how badly I did off the tee on the front nine. But the back nine was great. For the day, the longest drive was 279. Average was only 244. But they also have what they call a P-Average which has the anomalies tossed and my average for that was 269. That’s a good long way for me at my age and with all the trouble I’ve had getting back lost distance. I’d have to say with those numbers that I have it back. Overall average with the 4 wood was 202 with the longest from a tee shot at 212 and the shortest from the rough at 187 which seems right as that shot was off the up slope of a bunker and I hit that one to the moon. I don’t think I nailed any of them but I hit them good enough for what was needed each time. That club still surprises me. It took years and years but I can finally hit a fairway wood. lol

    The numbers you get in the app go on and on. Putting stats. Approach stats. Club by club stats. And you get to compare to a pro, a 0 handicapper, a 5 handicapper, etc. I dropped every putt today in the range I practice most. 6-9 feet I was 4 for 4. I dropped 3 out of 4 in the 12-18 foot range today surprisingly. I don’t usually putt well on that course but today I really did. The only range I failed in was 3-6. A couple of testers got me and I only dropped 1 of 3. The stats showed I putted better than a pro from 6-9, 12-18, and 18-24 feet. And with average putts per GIR which it showed me a 1.9 which is only .1 better but in the green. lol

    Of course it’s just one round. By the end of the year there were be 50 more give or take a few. Then it will get interesting to delve into the numbers to see where I need to improve. For now it’s just a lark to look at the first numbers showing up. I didn’t have to remember to do too much. Just press a button on the watch when I picked up my ball so it could know where the pin was and measure the putts out accurately. And make sure the club was being recognized. I missed that last twice. Guess I choked down too much for it to ‘see’ the sensor. The app though lets you fix those things before you attest and save the round.

    Anyway, that’s the report on the first use of the Shot Scope v3 watch. I didn’t look at things like distance to hazards and such on this course. I know it too well and didn’t need it. And I made a mental error the first few holes associated the number for center with number to the pin. That brought me two bogies early on. oops. But once I realized I wasn’t being too bright with that thinking, I made it work for me. Again, not hard on this course. More just backing up what I already knew. But still, it was kind of nice to have and when we get to a course I don’t know so well, I can see it being a lot more useful.

    Super lightweight. Didn’t bother the swing at all.

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      • Yeah, my distance has been climbing pretty fast of late. As to “for my handicap” I would say you are certainly correct but I would point out the handicap system is flawed. I can’t record rounds on the home course. And my handicap at present is based mostly on courses I’ve not played or played only once or twice many years back.

        I tracked my handicap with a made up slope and rating for the home course for awhile but I don’t bother anymore. I was a 5. something with the slope I assigned which I felt was as accurate as I could make it. But without those scores and with all the changes I’ve made this year, I’m up to a 12.6 at the moment and that really doesn’t come even close to painting an accurate picture of my abilities on a course I’m more than just passingly familiar with.

        The distance gains themselves are coming from multiple things. That work I’ve done all year on creating a better turn for one, but most of the credit goes to those Mark Crossfield and Zen golf videos. Marks search for more speed has really given me a jump start of late. And the Zen video’s just seem to correlate well and provide me with a way to find what I need.

        I don’t have the tools Mark used. No simulators and no pressure pads. I don’t have the board or the squishy things the Zen golf guys use either. But I get the ideas presented and I can experiment and find what works for me. I’m sure I’m not optimizing 100%, but I am still gaining distance.

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      • Kevin,

        As amateurs, we do the best we can with what we have. Personally, I do not use golf tech stuff much because it is not available in my area. I do not mind. I am happy with my game and to get better I know I must focus more and spend much more time practicing…..which I will probably not do. All is good, I play golf, have fun and enjoy life. It is a great balance.

        Cheers Jim


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