The Perfect Golf Swing

I just watch Lydia Ko hit a golf ball in slow motion. Is this not a perfect golf swing? You cannot get the turn on the ball like Ko without training!

I thought I would share.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


CP Canadian Women’s Open

The CP Canadian Women’s Open starts in a week. This year’s national women’s championship is held at the Wascana Country Club in Regina, Saskatchewan. I have never played this particular course, but play several others in Saskatchewan. If the venue and field strength matches years past, it will be an exciting four days of golf. Continue reading

Smart Advertisement by Evian and the LPGA

My daughter recently sent me these pictures from Germany. She was in the airport and purchased some water. When she saw the advertisement, she immediately thought of me. I have to say, I am impressed by the LPGA’s public relations savvy to promote one of their Major Championships! 
Continue reading

The LPGA Tour – Worth Watching!

LPGAThe golfing world is still reeling from the adventures at The Masters last weekend! Everyone is still talking about the back nine at Augusta, but most golfing pundits realize that the green jacket is won or lost on the last nine holes on Sunday. During all the hype, the other tours took a back seat, but it is now time for them to claim their position in the limelight!

I am a fan of the LPGA. The excitement of the women’s professional golf might not seem to have the same draw as other tours, but I believe they have their own superstars and are sometimes overshadowed for no reason. I am not sure where you stand, but the LPGA is worth watching, especially for amateurs trying to lower their golf scores. Continue reading

Ko and Spieth Against the World – Part 2

Nearly 2 years ago, I wrote an article predicting that Lydia Ko and Jordan Spieth would take the golfing world by storm in very short order. The real point of the article was to point out how quickly top ranked players can fall from grace. Currently, Ko and Spieth are ranked number 2 in the world in their respective tours and both seem poised to return to the top position.

Congratulations to Lydia Ko on winning her first Major. Setting the record for the youngest woman to win a Major, the sky is the limit for this young phenom. For three years she has enjoyed the rollercoaster ride of professional sports, yet still seems grounded and focused on be the best she can be!

Jordan Spieth has experienced more success since 2013. At 21, he appears to be unstoppable sometimes and a mere mortal others. His media exposure and pressure to perform is greater than Ko’s and he too is handling his world ranking extremely well. With the BMW Championship on the horizon, all eyes will be on Spieth to see if he can play his way out of his current funk.

The fall from grace happens just as quickly. During Ko and Spieth’s rise to the top, players such as Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson slide down the world rankings. Although Woods and Mickelson still have star power, their game does not seem sharp enough to compete regularly with the young lions.

Rory McIlroy took a few body blows in 2013 because of his poor play, but rebounded well in 2014/2015 until his unfortunate injury. The media reports were mixed and it will interesting to see if he can keep his number one ranking with Spieth and Jason Day on his heels.

Ko and Spieth have taken on the golfing world. For now, they are the players to beat! Being so young, the question is how long they can sustain their current prowess! The constant pressure to perform eventually will take its toll on these young superstars. The real question is how long will it be before the media discards these players for someone better!

I am a grateful golfer.