Playing Golf in 2018

Are you going to golf in 2018? For those reading this question, you can stop the eye roll. Of course you will be golfing; the real question is how much! Each year, I set a goal for the number of rounds of golf I will play and generally exceed my prediction. I try to play as much golf as possible in our shortened season, yet still keep my expectations realistic. I think having a goal gives me something to  work towards and is kind of fun.

In 2017, I set my number at 80 rounds of golf. It is a number I routinely set and exceed. I played 42 recorded rounds and finished with a 4.1 handicap index. It was as low as 3.1 during mid-season and climbed a little higher as the season went on. Mostly, I practiced less at the end of the season and I would attribute my higher handicap on that.

I played an additional 45 rounds in tournaments and loops that were not eligible for my handicap score. These were fun rounds and I considered them as practice. I realize this is not the most effective way to improve my game, but I was playing and I cannot complain. It is during these rounds that I met the most interesting people really enjoyed playing golf.

The 2018 season is going to be much the same. Some of my goals are a bit more detailed, but I play to play more that 80 rounds again this year. I asked others and they share my desire to play lots of golf:

I mention a few goals and maybe you would be interested in them:

  • Play 80+ rounds
  • Play in 10 tournaments
  • Lower my handicap index to at least 2.5
  • Play at least 10 rounds with strangers
  • Play at least 10 different golf courses
  • Shoot at least 1 hole-in-one

As I play plenty of golf in 2018, it is important to have goals; it helps me stay focused and improve my game. Playing 80+ games seems like a challenge, yet I can assure you that time flies when you are having fun!

How many games of golf do you plan to play in 2018?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

10 thoughts on “Playing Golf in 2018

  1. As often as possible of course. Last year, that meant over a 100 games. But I have a year long season here so that’s not so hard to do. And most of those included extra holes. I’d guess over 80% of them were a minimum of 27 holes and I maxed out at 40 holes more than a few times.

    I have no goal for 2018 as far as the number of games I will get in. I do however have a plan for getting in more practice. Part of my income tax return this year will go to buying a nice net for the backyard so I can get in some practice as close to daily as possible. I learned from when my neighbor had one that just a half an hour of swinging most evenings goes a long way towards improving the game.

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  2. Jim,

    80 is a great goal to try and meet. I haven’t thought much about my season goals for this year but I expect to end up at around 50 round or somewhere close by. You gotta play to improve!

    Best of luck preparing for the season,

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  3. Wow. 80+ is a pretty big number, especially with a truncated season. Running our oiwn business gets in the way of golf for me, with April to September being particularly busy, so I just set my aim more modestly at getting in a round per week year round. Cheers, Rob.

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