Playing Golf at the Next Level

Every golf I know wants to play better! I am not sure if it is golf thing or I have plenty of competitive friends. Personally, I always want to play better. Except for a few fun rounds, I want to shoot by best golf of the year. Of course this does not happen often, but every once in awhile it happens. Regardless, I always have the desire to play golf at the next level! And as many of you know, I actively take steps to improve; it is the way I roll!

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Think Winning Golf

This title can go in many directions and I am sure at this moment you wondering exactly where I am going. Actually, I am not really sure because I am letting this article unfold in my mind as I write it. I hope it works out well, but you will have to wait until the end to see if I can tie it together. This approach to my writing is never a recipe for disaster; yup you heard me never!

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My Handicap Index Is In Correction Mode!

At the beginning of each golf season, my handicap index tailspins into correction mode. This year is no different except I did not play any substantial golf last year to help stem the tide. So, as I record my games at the Golf Canada website, my index is starting to rise. I am not sure how far my index will rise, but I am mentally prepared for whatever my game will present.

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Playing Golf in 2018

Are you going to golf in 2018? For those reading this question, you can stop the eye roll. Of course you will be golfing; the real question is how much! Each year, I set a goal for the number of rounds of golf I will play and generally exceed my prediction. I try to play as much golf as possible in our shortened season, yet still keep my expectations realistic. I think having a goal gives me something to  work towards and is kind of fun. Continue reading

Expecting Low Golf Scores

Having expectations to play well regardless of your lie!

The reason we play golf is to enjoy the great outdoors, be in-tuned with nature, and to relax. Of course, to do this we should not keep score and just loop around the course enjoying the time. Well, if you are like me, I enjoy doing these things, plus keeping score. If we are not keeping score, I feel I am not playing golf, just golfing. I don’t know about you, but every time I tee it up, I expect to shoot my lowest score ever. That is a big draw for me and why I love playing golf. Continue reading