Think Winning Golf

This title can go in many directions and I am sure at this moment you wondering exactly where I am going. Actually, I am not really sure because I am letting this article unfold in my mind as I write it. I hope it works out well, but you will have to wait until the end to see if I can tie it together. This approach to my writing is never a recipe for disaster; yup you heard me never!

If I approached my golf game with the same laissez faire method as above, I can assure you that my game would tank immediately. The ho-hum approach to playing golf does not work and I am confident that most you would agree with me; golf is a think players game and the lower the handicap, the more engaged in thinking we are.

Think Winning Golf

I am not trying to say that higher handicap players do not think when playing, but what they think about is likely very different. First, I am not concerned about hitting the ball or making solid contact. I automatically assume I will and when I do not I am surprised. Therefore, by removing all swing thoughts, I can focus on the many other things that empower me to think winning golf.

If you are wondering, here are a few thought sequences I have depending on the shot I am making:

  • Where is my mark 2 feet in front of my ball when putting. This mark is my intended line that I have to cross.
  • Always aim small; miss small.
  • If I cannot reach in regulation, where is the best angle into the green and what distance.
  • What is my target line when hitting approach shots.
  • Depending on wind, do I club up or down. Do I want a full or 3/4 swing?
  • Should I press a shot or play it safe?
  • How much roll is the course allowing on long shots?
  • Will a ruling improve my chances at the lowest possible score?

As you can see, I think about many things that will lower my stroke count and none of my thoughts are about my swing. I am always focused on what shot to make vice how to make a shot. This winning approach has saved me many strokes over the years and allowed me to win many tournaments.

As an amateur with a higher handicap, it is possible to think of the same things as I. My Think winning golf approach is not new and many professionals offer videos and courses to achieve success. I think that each player can think winning golf according to their skill level, but it takes effort and a certain degree of focus. You can do this, you just need to choose to want to and slowly adapt your thinking towards the winning way.

Of course, I still have to execute any golf shot, but I stress less about this because the many years of practice and playing. I am able to think of winning golf and focus on what advantages I can make by playing a specific shot to fit my game. Moving forward, all I have to do is improve my shot making consistency and I will be off to the races.

Do you think winning golf when you play?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “Think Winning Golf

  1. Jim, I believe that priorities are different for low and high handicap players, therefore their thinking is different. It might help the high handicapper to think more strategically but I suspect it would return to mechanics until they gain the consistency of good ball striking. Interesting read.



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