Finishing Your Golf Swing

This might seem like a natural thing, but I notice recently that I do not always finish my golf swing high or in the right position. I am not sure why I do this from time to time, but it happens and generally the results are not good. It happens with all my clubs except my putter and I cannot, for the life of me, think of why I do this!

After some research, I noticed an interesting view that the finish and follow through are not necessarily connected. They are two different movements and one is far more important than another. Have a look:

I understand the view of Andrew, however I think that they are a little more connected for my swing. I find when I finish high (club and or hands in the nape of my neck) the results are very good. I make solid contact and hit the ball straight on target. When I do not finish high, all sorts of crazy things happen. Hank describes it very well for my swing:

After a fair bit of research, I think that I rush my shots sometimes and end up casting my club early. I lose power and as a result distance by not holding right angle position at my right hip. This is something I need to work on at the range.

The challenge of follow through and a high finish are not all the time, but about 3 or 4 times a round. This poor shot usually results in a bogey or double; so I definitely want to address these wayward shots. It is not something to panic about because there are some rounds when it does not happen, it just creeps in and want it to stop.

Do you have the same follow through and finish for every swing?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Finishing Your Golf Swing

  1. I always say to my students, if you are going to start something then have all the intent to finish. With new golfers I find that their lack of finish is a problem for them not getting the ball in the air when the start of the swing suggests it should, most of this is caused by them trying to use the arms and hands to hit the ball rather then their weight shift and lower body muscles doing the work. Many new players do not have the technical ability or knowledge to shape shots. For those seasoned players it is not the issue of whether they finish but more of the contact on the ball and what happens after contact, again depending on what shape of shot they are working on at the time. For a straight shot, I reinforce the issue of where their arms are through the swing and not necessarily having that “Trophy Top” finish. To create Lag in the swing, we need to have better control of the arms. By isolating the distance of the forearms through the entire swing and ensuring that they remain the same distance apart for the entire swing and emphasizing the weight shift to the front leg at finish, I find that many, not all, but many of my students will follow through after impact thus allowing the ball to take flight in accordance with the loft of the club. Golfers having an issue with casting the club I promote a more right elbow into their shirt seam, bottom of left hand, bottom of grip direction to the ball on the downswing which creates a slight Lag that they can work to build upon.


    • Lisa,

      Thanks for the awesome comment. You have described what many amateurs, including myself, need to work on to improve our game. I will agree that creating lag creates power to hit a solid consistent ball. I use the elbow in my seam mantra all the time, it helps me hit a straight ball. Thanks again for your insightful response.

      Cheers Jim


  2. Well the answer to that would be no, I don’t. The finish depends on the type of shot I wanted to hit. I’d break it down into three basic finish positions. One for when I’m trying to draw the ball. One for a fade. And one for when I’m trying to hit a lower trajectory or knockdown shot. For a draw, my hands would be high ending close to my head and the club will end more verticle. For a fade, my hands will be a touch lower and farther from my head and the club more horizontal to the ground. Those seem to just happen based on the swing path. And for a knock down shot, my hands will not wrap around me at all and still be kept fairly far from my body because I’m try to hold off the release just a hair longer to keep the ball low. It is something I think about with my practice swings. Especially for the draw right now because I’m still working on bringing that shot back into my game.

    Since you mention casting I’ll say this about my swing. If I think I’ve started casting, the one thing I try to do is loosen my grip on the club. If I loosen my grip, I hold off longer cocking the club and then I can feel the club cock more at the transition at the top and I don’t cast anymore. I think we all tend to grip tighter at times and when we do, we are trying too hard to control the club and that, for me anyway leads to casting. It also tends to give me too high a trajectory unless I did it way too much. So I loose distance two ways.

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    • Kevin,

      Shaping the ball definitely causes a different follow through for me. However, sometimes my follow through is lazy and I do not fully complete my swing on a normal shot. It is something that annoys me for sure.

      Casting….well, it is something I will always work on. Thanks for the comment.

      Cheers Jim


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