Disappointed When Arriving At The Golf Course

I have adopted a new way to go golfing this year. Instead of making a tee time and trying to meet that timing, I have decided to just drive to the course and walk on. So far every time I have arrived at my home course I would hop out of my car and walk to the first tee. My plan has worked out very well so far this year (11 rounds all ready) until yesterday. I should have known that a Saturday afternoon of a long weekend would add a wrench into my plans. It was disappointing to arrive and see two groups waiting and two groups already playing the first hole. Also, I followed two cars into the parking lot; likely they were smart enough to make a tee time.

Needless to say that I was disappointed to see a packed course. So, I abruptly turned my car around and drove the 10 minutes to my house. As I drove home I was mildly disappointed, but given my current plan of how to play this year, I quickly got over the emotional rollercoaster of not playing during the bright sunny day.

I have to admit that my playing plan is working out okay. I decided to approach this year with less stress and more fun. I could have easily went back for a twilight round, but decided to stay home with my darling wife. Not having to drive an hour one way definitely has opened up many opportunities to play more stress free golf. I am still hoping to play 60+ rounds this year and I have plenty of time to accomplish this goal and have fun doing it!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


Choosing The Proper Golf Course Distance To Match Your Game


In the past, I talked about selecting the right distance to play using the course and slope ratings. They are important factors to choosing which tees to play as well as the distance of the golf course. After some reading, I think that distance is often overlooked when selecting a course to play. At my home course of Osprey Links, I generally play the whites at 6000 yards and play the tips at 6400 yards from time to time. I find that the extra 400 yards doe not really affect my game except I am hitting a longer iron into the green. So, I would say that my distance for comfortably playing a golf course ranges from 6000 to 6500 yards.

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We Are Getting Close To Playing Golf

Well, the time is almost upon us to hit the links. Because of COVID-19, all golf courses in Ontario have been closed since last fall (Well since mid-March for COVIC-19 and winter for the rest). Now we await patiently for the government to give us the thumbs up. And last Friday, Premier Doug Ford told golf courses to start full scale maintenance and to prepare for opening day! This is great news for all golfers in Ontario.

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Middle Of The Fairway Yardage Markers

I came across the discussion the other day on whether yardage markers in the middle of the fair way are needed. With the advent of electronic measuring devices, the historic method of measuring distances by a red, white or blue stack seems passé. Well, I am not convinced this is the case, however other methods of none electric methods of indicating distances can be used.

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My Thoughts on the Ottawa/Gatineau Golf Expo

I was invited by my friend Serge to visit him in Ottawa to attend the Ottawa/Gatineau Golf Expo last Friday. Missing the golf show in Toronto, I decided this was a great opportunity to visit my friend and to attend one of my favourite events. I packed up the car on Thursday, drove 3.5 hours to Serge’s place, stayed the night and headed to the expo for noon on Friday. Overall, the expo was a good experience and I met many like minded individuals in the golf industry; however it did fall short a bit with respect to the vendors. Let me explain.

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