Disappointed When Arriving At The Golf Course

I have adopted a new way to go golfing this year. Instead of making a tee time and trying to meet that timing, I have decided to just drive to the course and walk on. So far every time I have arrived at my home course I would hop out of my car and walk to the first tee. My plan has worked out very well so far this year (11 rounds all ready) until yesterday. I should have known that a Saturday afternoon of a long weekend would add a wrench into my plans. It was disappointing to arrive and see two groups waiting and two groups already playing the first hole. Also, I followed two cars into the parking lot; likely they were smart enough to make a tee time.

Needless to say that I was disappointed to see a packed course. So, I abruptly turned my car around and drove the 10 minutes to my house. As I drove home I was mildly disappointed, but given my current plan of how to play this year, I quickly got over the emotional rollercoaster of not playing during the bright sunny day.

I have to admit that my playing plan is working out okay. I decided to approach this year with less stress and more fun. I could have easily went back for a twilight round, but decided to stay home with my darling wife. Not having to drive an hour one way definitely has opened up many opportunities to play more stress free golf. I am still hoping to play 60+ rounds this year and I have plenty of time to accomplish this goal and have fun doing it!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

6 thoughts on “Disappointed When Arriving At The Golf Course

  1. Jim, getting shut out kinda sucks but your record for being able to hop on is good. Are you opposed to making a tee time for some reason? Obviously, I live in a more populated area, but I would never try to play 18 holes without a time. Actually, the only instance of walking on that I can pull off is right after it rains, and on a local 9-hole executive course where I can work on my iron play.

    Sadly, I have learned there are three things not to do on a holiday weekend in the DMV: play golf, go to the beach, shop at Costco šŸ™‚

    Good luck today if you are heading out.


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    • Brian,

      I am not adverse to making a tee time. I golf at a time where one is not normally needed. The long weekend is now the exception and will likely try again today. I will probably call first as it will likely be busy again. I am just trying to keep my season stress free by being carefree about tee times. If I find that it is not working, I will call the course. I hopenyou get out this weekend and have a great time.

      Cheers Jim

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  2. I love having the ability to do that but it’s certainly helpful to have plenty of other courses in the area to go to when my 1st choice is too busy to take me.

    A new video came out today I thought I’d share. Monte gives some thoughts on how he swings a driver and then Peter provides us with some thoughts on both Monte’s “old” swing mechanics versus the “modern” swing we see mostly on tour today. Interesting. And I found it helpful too.


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