What Is Tempo In Golf?

Many amateurs have different swing types and tempos. Depending on which club they use, the approach their golf shot in different manners. The topic of tempo is always something that is difficult to explain because it is different for each player. I am not sure I can really I can describe it properly, but it is very important to developing a good golf game. Fortunately, I have found a great place to start thanks to Sir Nick Faldo.

The best definition I have found is as follows: “Many golfers think the words “tempo” and “rhythm” are synonymous, but they aren’t. Tempo means the pace of your swing–how fast or slow it is. Rhythm describes the order in which the parts of your swing move.” (Golf Digest)

If you discuss these two terms, Tempo and Rhythm, with most golfers, I think they will confuse the two. Or they will think they are the same thing. Regardless of their answer, they understand that it is very difficult to have one without the other. I think that it is impossible to separate the two because they are core fundamental skills required to have a good golf swing. Of all the years I practice, I was definitely working on both of these even though I may not have been consciously doing so. As I said earlier, Sir Nick Faldo will help distinguish between the two terms in an easy way.

Tempo and Rhythm are important skills to learn. I do not think there is one one right answer to develop your own tempo and rhythm, but Faldo’s approach is a great place to start. Over the rest of the summer, I will continue to investigate this area of swing development because I think it will only set up beginners for success.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “What Is Tempo In Golf?

  1. Jim, great points here. I can usually maintain my slow tempo but as I age, find it harder to keep my rhythm. That’s because it’s more difficult to complete my backswing and activate my lower body first on the downswing. Without that full backswing, the arms have a tendency to overwork. I wonder what the magic secret is to greater flexibility?



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