The Unsung Heroes of Golf

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Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer

Golf has many easily recognizable faces. They are famous players who through an amazing contribution to the sport have risen to celebrity status. If I was to flash a picture of Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Payne Stewart, Annika Sörenstam, Tiger Woods, or Seve Ballesteros across the screen most of you would not give a second thought as to their efforts to make golf a great sport. It is natural for most golfers to associate with these legends and nod sagely as their accolades are listed.

Well, I would suggest that there are a group of unsung heroes that empower these greats to become greater, but never really seem to receive the accolades they deserve. These behind the scenes experts never take a bow, never seek the spotlight, yet work tirelessly so others can enjoy golf. The course superintendent is just that person! Continue reading

Playing Golf in 2018

Are you going to golf in 2018? For those reading this question, you can stop the eye roll. Of course you will be golfing; the real question is how much! Each year, I set a goal for the number of rounds of golf I will play and generally exceed my prediction. I try to play as much golf as possible in our shortened season, yet still keep my expectations realistic. I think having a goal gives me something to  work towards and is kind of fun. Continue reading

Customer Service at Seguin Valley Golf Club

Jim and Blair at Seguin Valley Golf Club

Recently, I was invited to play a round of golf by Darwin Howard at the Seguin Valley Golf Club. Darwin offered the full Seguin Valley experience and my friend Blair and I decided to take him up on his generous offer. The trip consisted of 1 nights accommodation, supper, breakfast and a round of golf! After figuring out the final logistics, Blair and I headed out to Parry Sound in the pouring rain on  Monday. We were excited to play Seguin Valley on Tuesday, but we really did not know what expect; I can assure you, we were not disappointed! Continue reading

Maleah – “Smoochie Poochie” the Goose-Chaser

Every golf course has something special or a character that brings notoriety to the course. Well, Osprey Links Golf Course is not different . My home course has a new member who is famous for her ability to bring out the best in even the most disheartened golfer. Maleah or “Smoochie Poochie” aptly named by Mitch her friend and owner, only makes you smile as romps around the course on rodent and goose patrol. Continue reading