Middle Of The Fairway Yardage Markers

I came across the discussion the other day on whether yardage markers in the middle of the fair way are needed. With the advent of electronic measuring devices, the historic method of measuring distances by a red, white or blue stack seems passé. Well, I am not convinced this is the case, however other methods of none electric methods of indicating distances can be used.

The reason this conversation started is because Daniel Butler hit the 150 yardage marker off their drive, see below:

I hit this yardage marker from 230 yards away and deflected left away from the green.

Over the years, I have hit a few markers with mixed results. My best was covered in a previous article called: Lucky Bounces in Golf; most of the time I was not that successful. Regardless, I think they are a needed tool to play well.

I realize I have become some what dependent on my electronic measuring devices, but I gain comfort from the yardage markers in the fairway. Mostly, I use the yardage marker as an exact aim point or a reference for the angle I want to approach the green. Additionally, it helps me confirm the yardage on my electronic devices at a glance; it is hard to break old habits, hence I never stop using old style golf methods of measuring.

A post in the middle of the fairway may or may not be the best method to indicate distances from the greens. But, it is likely the cheapest. Other methods I noticed were GPS power carts, distance plates on sprinkler heads, a ribbon in the tree, a sign nailed to a tree, and a post in the rough. Could anyone of these work, sure, but I think the post in the middle of the fairway is the best method.

Sometimes our golf ball accidentally hits things associated with the golf course. That is part of the game. Just because we rarely hit something does not mean that changes need to be made; it just means that I need to control my golf ball better. Yardage markers in the middle of the fairway are good for golf and I hope they stick around for many years to come.


I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Middle Of The Fairway Yardage Markers

  1. Well – I personally would LOVE distances to the nearest point of the front of the green on ALL sprinklers / drains. Some clubs also have a discrete (but visible) boulder in the right (or left) rough 150 from the center of the green. That would do it for me.

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  2. I’m with you 100%. But to be fair, I should say I don’t use anything but those markers and my eyes to judge distances. I have nothing against using a range finder of some sort, but, I don’t care to use them myself. I like trusting my eyes to do that job.

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