Lucky Bounces in Golf!

Golf is a game of lucky and not so lucky bounces. The movement of the ball one-inch in any direction can be the difference between a birdie or a double bogey. Anyone who plays golf regularly calls this the ‘rub of the green’. We have all experienced it and today was one of those days.

After my tee shot on the par 5, 9th hole, I was sitting about 240 yards from the pin. My second shot was wide open, so I decided to go for the green with my 3-wood. That was when the fun began.

Roundel Glen 9th Hole - 240 yards from the green.

Roundel Glen 9th Hole – 240 yards from the green.

From where I stood, the pin was just left of the 100-yard marker and the sand trap. Playing out of the rough, I was lucky to have a fluffy lie and was able to make solid contact. As the ball flew towards the green, left of the pin, something strange happened!

Roundel Glen 9th hole from 75 yards.

Roundel Glen 9th hole from 75 yards.

All of a sudden my ball took a hard right kick towards the pin. As we walked towards the hole, I noticed the five brown posts used to direct cart traffic away from the green. Walking forward, my playing partners said it the top of the far left post!

The uneven top of the far left post used to direct cart traffic from the green.

The uneven top of the far left post used to direct cart traffic from the green.

I continued to walk in disbelief, but there seemed to be no other explanation. Upon examination, I realized my ball hit top of the post on the surface closest to the bottom of the picture! I found it difficult to comprehend that my ball could hit a two-inch surface from 215 yards (the post was 25 yards off the front of the green) and then bounced towards the pin.

Roundel Glen 9th green. My ball is directly behind the pin!

Roundel Glen 9th green. My ball is directly behind the pin!

But, that is exactly what happened! My ball bounced off the post and rolled directly behind the pin. You can see the ball sticking out just above the bottom of the pin! The above picture was taken from the far left post described above. I kid you not; now I am putting for eagle to go 1 under for the front nine!

Roundel Glen 9th green - my ball 25 feet past the pin.

Roundel Glen 9th green – my ball 25 feet past the pin.

As I continue to walk towards my ball, I am grateful for the lucky bounce and started to focus on my next shot. Getting to our balls, my friend Mike looks right at me and says with a straight face, “What, you could not judge the distance any better than that! Your 25 feet past the hole!” As all three of us started to chuckle, I just shrugged my shoulders; for once I was speechless!

I wish I could say that I made the eagle putt to really cap off this amazing story, but I will never begrudge a tap in birdie! As we walked to the 10th hole, I was even par and looking forward to a great back nine! I finished the round by shooting a 2-over par 74. What a great day on the links!

Today, the one-inch was in my favour; tomorrow, who knows! Lucky bounces are part of golf and make the game interesting. It is one of the reasons I love and sometimes hate this game!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

14 thoughts on “Lucky Bounces in Golf!

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  8. Jim,

    Congrats on the great round! Definitely no shame in taking advantage of a good bounce, because as you know the golf gods may not be so generous the next day!

    Yesterday I was playing a match and on the 2nd hole, a slightly downhill 180 yard par 3 I hit a poor tee shot into the deep front left bunker (standing in it, your head is well below the putting surface). The pin was middle left and I nipped what felt like a perfect bunker shot and figured it should be close. Then I heard it clank the pin and for a moment thought I had maybe jarred it, looking to my playing partner for a reaction he looked somewhat stunned and said “stay up!”, and out of the corner of my eye my ball, which was trickling back down into the bunker by my feet, caught my eye. An inch either way and it could have gone in, or been stone dead for par. Instead, I end up walking off with double. That’s golf though!



    • Josh

      That is so unlucky! Unfortunately, I love hearing these stories – good and bad. Golf is such a funny game, the take away for me would be to remember how you made the first bunker shot…it is a keeper. Thanks for sharing.



  9. Jim- You gotta be good to be lucky! Over the weekend, I had a tee shot that only needed 140 yards to carry some water- I power-topped my drive and it was going straight into the middle of the pond! Except to my surprise, it skipped and hopped up once, and then again- and hopped 2 more times near the other end of the pond before landing safe and dry, in the middle of the fairway about 30 yards past the pond. My buddies awarded me “trick shot of the day” for that one but I think I had the same reaction as you – a shoulder shrug and at a lost for words.


  10. Hi JIm, had totally the opposite rub of the green today. Playing a tree lined course, while attempting to hit the green with my second shot the ball would clip the one branch hanging out over the course. Not once but ten times !!. Ten tree’s clipped in one round, resulting in a disastrous day of golf.



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