The Theory of Fractions in Golf

The theory of fractions is a real thing. A millimeter (fraction of an inch) here and a millimeter there is the difference between a fantastic shot and, well, a mutter under our breath about our misfortune! Through the years, millimeters have changed the fortune of many rounds.

In golf, as opposed to any other sport, the slightest ‘anything’ will turn a poor shot into a magnificent one. Unfortunately, the opposite is true as well. Golf is such a game of fractions that it borders on the unbelievable. For those who are not really sure that the slightest movement in any direction makes a difference, then keep reading!

There are many examples of how a fraction here or there changes the outcome of a golf shot. In my personal game, I have many and have talked about them in the past. In case you missed it, here is a quick recap:

I could go on and on, but I think you get the point. Professionals experience the same thing. Whether it was Louis Oosthuizen shooting a hole in one by hitting J.B. Holmes ball or any of the following shots, a fraction here or there changes everything.

It is impossible to prepare for strange bounces. It is important to expect the unexpected sometimes when looping the course and to graciously accept when a positive thing happens. I would actually suggest that being grateful when lady luck smiles in your direction is the correct response.

Of course, a fraction here or a fraction there that could have disastrous results as well, however I choose not to focus on those negative thoughts. I will recommend that when something poor happens because of a fractional error (like hitting the last twig at the top of the tree after an amazing shot – just saying) that we react in a calm way and prepare for the next shot. Perhaps not like John Daly.

The theory of fractions is what makes an amazing game. The slightest change in swing movement, ball contact, or ball flight makes the a tremendous difference between success and failure. We can try to control or reduce its impact through practice and repetitive movements, however sometimes it is completely out of our control. We can control our response to the results….at least most of the time. All I can suggest is that the theory of fractions is real and only golfers really understand its impact!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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