The Twilight Zone of Golf

This is a tough time of year for most golfers in the northern hemisphere. We are transitioning from great to moderate to mediocre to poor golfing weather. Only the fanatical will continue to golf until the courses close on 31 Oct. And a few will brave the cold temperatures to golf longer.

Personally, I am a great to moderate weather golfer. I find that I have other things to do that are just as fun and interesting than to hit the links. It is not a bad thing, but the nature of golfing in colder climes. Unfortunately, this is where the twilight zone of golf starts.

Lately, I have experience withdrawal from not playing any golf. It is a yearly affliction that fortunately does not last too long. During this period, I have a feeling that I should be doing something that takes hours, but have no place to go! I have entered my twilight zone.

The great thing is I have been down this road before and the journey is not long or arduous. I slowly start to fill my time other fun things to do and the fog lifts so I exit this crazy time ready for new adventures.

kayakingThere are many who experience the twilight zone throughout the year and do not realize they have journeyed into the netherworld. They appear lost and confused about their golf game and do no understand why. Sometimes is a seasonal and other times it is caused by an unfocused golf game. Regardless of the reason, the twilight zone affects it all.

Fortunately, the temperatures are dropping to a point where the desire to hit the links fades completely. But, there are days like yesterday when the temperatures are unseasonably warm, but I chose to go kayaking over golfing. Choosing not to golf is a strong indicator that I am at the other end of my twilight zone for another year.

It is now time to look towards my training plan and where I need to improve to reach my goal as a scratch golfer.

Have you recently experienced your twilight zone?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

5 thoughts on “The Twilight Zone of Golf

  1. Jim
    I lived that for all my golf life. I would take trips to visit friends in California or transition to Simulator golf !!!! Winter is too long in Toronto. I assume its worse in Calgary or heaven forbid Edmonton or Winnipeg. I remember going golfing and convincing buddies that it would warm up to 10 degrees and it never would. But it was all in good fun. Now I live in Florida and I can golf all year round.

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  2. Jim, I’m still playing and practicing but have been distracted by life and football for the past couple of months. No Zone yet. Last year I played into December. This year, my annual eastern short golf trip is scheduled for the second week of November so I have something to look forward to. I usually hit my Zone in early February which is characterized by a feeling of cabin fever but it doesn’t last too long because the season typically starts in March. Good luck in your off-season conditioning!


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