When to Replace a Wedge

One of my most difficult decisions is when to replace one of my wedges. Of all my clubs, except my putter, my wedges are used the most. Mine are showing wear, but I am not sure it is time to try something new.

I have bought new equipment before and use a system that works without fail. I intend to follow it again, however for some reason I think I am leaving something out. Any advice you can give me would greatly appreciated!
http://www.vokey.com/wedges/pages/wedge-selection-guide.aspxHere is a process I have outlined before, but I have updated and modified a few steps. One part has never changed; I never, never, never, pay full price!  I know, it sounds difficult, but actually, with very little effort this can be achieved. So here is my strategy:

  1. Figure out what you want/need.  In this case I am looking for a new sand wedge for next season.
  2. Research, research, and research.  I read the hype of manufactures to see what they say, however I actually pay attention to the consumer reviews. This is the most important piece of information you will find.  People are more than willing to tell you what they think.
  3. Wait for it to come on sale. Check Ebay. Check Kijiji. Check Golftown (or other large franchise stores), and check the local pro shop (you would be surprised).
  4. If possible haggle over the price.  The local pro shop will lower their price if you make them a reasonable deal.
  5. When you find the best deal, buy the piece of equipment. Waiting is not always the best thing to do, however you will know when it is time.
  6. Probably the most important step – be happy with your purchase. This is very important!

My process of purchasing golf equipment ensures that you end up with what you want.  It saves money and reduces impulse buying!  I realize it may not be the best way, but it has saved me money over the years and enabled me to buy more of the things I need!

This is where things to awry. I am a Titleist Vokey fan. I have been very happy with my wedges for years. However, with the changes in technology over the past 5 years, I think my narrow-mindedness might prevent me from purchasing the right wedge for my game. Keeping this in mind, when I am in the research step, I will be sure to expand my search to different makers.

Have I missed something? Do you have something that would make my search and eventual purchase better? I am all ears!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


7 thoughts on “When to Replace a Wedge

  1. I may be too late for this, but here goes. Since we use the wedges more than any club except the putter, I would think getting your wedges fitted would be even more important than your irons. My irons and wedges are all 1 degree upright and 1/2 inch long. Not much difference but if I play a wedge that isn’t set up the same, I see the difference in the shape of the divot and the shot.

    My current clubs are over 12 years old. I am sure that the tech has probably progressed enough to make at least a minor difference. And I think more important is that I am not the same golfer as when I was fitted for this set. My setup, how I grasp the club, everything has changed since I had these made. So I am curious what a new full set of fitted clubs might bring to my game. And where my wedges are concerned, I am curious to try things like the spinner shaft and different grinds.

    I should explain that when I say fitted, I don’t mean they stood me up against some chart. Since it was 12 years ago, there weren’t any launch monitors either. But what they did was have me hit about every combination of club face and shaft type and flex that Cobra sold at the time while they checked some tape that was added to the face and bottom of the club and we watched the ball flights. And I think something like that with wedges would be worth paying the extra for at least once.


  2. I use Vokey wedges, though I have dabbled with some of the Nike wedges. But Titleist Vokey is my favourites. BTW – Bob Vokey is from Canada 🙂 Montreal I think. I have never used Cleveland. I replace when they lose their sharpness. If you want to ball to spin, you need to have crisp wedges. I read that Vijay and Pardraig change wedges every two weeks. I can’t afford that.

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  3. Jim, what are you trying to fix in your wedge game that going away from Titleist Vokey will solve for? I believe if you have two top of the line wedges, say from Titleist and Cleveland, performance around the green for amateur players is 90% carpenter – 10% tool. Only the professional who hits hundreds if not thousands of shots around the green per week in practice will observe a performance difference with clubs of the same loft, lie, bounce, but different maker. That being the case, if your wedge is merely worn out and you are you are happy with your wedge play, why not buy another Vokey?

    Good luck in your shopping!


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