The Return of Tiger Woods

According to just over a month ago, Tiger Woods announced he would be returning to competitive golf. “……he hopes to play in the Safeway Open, Oct. 13-16, at Silverado Resort and Spa in Napa, California. Woods also intends to compete in the Turkish Airlines Open, Nov. 3-6, in Antalya, Turkey, and the Tiger Woods Foundation-run Hero World Challenge, Dec. 1-4, at Albany in the Bahamas. He will participate in the Tiger Woods Invitational presented by USLI, Oct. 10-11, on the Monterey Peninsula.

Jesper Parnevik says that Tiger is ready and is “flushing” the ball during practice. Parnevik also indicated that Woods is ready to play competitively. Having not played at the élite level since 2015 at the Wyndham Championship, it is difficult to judge if he is actually ready. Regardless, the golfing world is anxiously waiting for Woods return next weekend at the Safeway Open. Are you?

I am not a Tiger Woods fanatic. I generally do not follow him, nor do I enjoy the years when all we watched during tournaments was Woods regardless of how well he was playing. I do, however, respect his game. He is one of the best to play golf. Without question he changed the face of golf over his 20 dominant years.

Many pundits have pointed to the downfall of golf to diminishing of Tiger’s influence on the market. I would suggest that the downward turn of the economy in 2008 had more of an impact, but that is a discussion for another day. Given the incredible interest in the Ryder Cup recently, I am not convince that golf needs Tiger’s star power to start the upward swing of growth.

I anticipate a steep increase in interest of the Safeway Open with an increase in play by-play about Tiger. However, I am not sure it will be sustainable over the long-term. There will be comparisons, discussions, and pointed questions on where Woods will fit into the current crop of superstars and I am not sure he is ready for that type of scrutiny.

Tiger Woods is going to be back and I think this is good for Tiger Woods. Hopefully, he will play well and gradually improve his game. By committing to 3 events before Christmas might be the perfect speed of return considering he has not played professionally for over a year.

I wish Tiger Woods a strong return and look forward to seeing how he competes against the likes of Jason Day, Dustin Johnson, Rory McIlroy and his old rival Phil Mickelson! Regardless, Tiger’s return is a good thing.


I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


10 thoughts on “The Return of Tiger Woods

  1. Well it turns out that TW withdrew saying his game was vulnerable. I was expecting big things from TW because when he tees it up he expects to win. I don’t think he was coming out to make the cut. Woods does move the needle in terms of tv. We are put on hold till his own tournament in December. And that will make 2017 an interesting year.


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  3. Jim, I can’t recall any major sports star in their 40s making a significant comeback from a serious injury. This would be a first and I have no expectations for Tiger. Made cuts would be a huge success in my mind, but he’s so far down and the competition has never been better at the highest levels; it’s such a long shot.

    We shall see though!


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  4. Looking forward the the return of Tiger as he is good for the game. I do not think he will dominate again, but not because he will not play well. He will return to a game where many other players have honed their game to Tiger’s level and beyond. The three younger guys that you mentioned hit the ball off the tee much longer than Tiger and they keep the ball in play – a key part to watch if Tiger is to be successful! On a personal note, I have played the course where Tiger will tee it up in Turkey – simply amazing.

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