The Joy of Golf

To play any sport or participate in any activity, there must be a joy, happiness, or elation we get from putting forth that effort. If not, why would we go through all the effort to be active. Golf is no different from any other sport, but unlike other sports it provides so much more! There are few sports out there with the ability to touch all aspects of an athlete’s psyche and leave them wanting for more! Continue reading


Golf Off-Season Activities

The cold weather is creeping up. Spending the day in the cool temperatures uses more energy than expected, but it helps stoke the fire of change. Transitioning from fall to winter comes new and old activities. I enjoy golfing, yet I wait in anticipation for my off-season activities. Over recent years, I have tried several different activities, but one has stuck and this year I plan to snowshoe more than before. Continue reading

The Return of Tiger Woods

According to just over a month ago, Tiger Woods announced he would be returning to competitive golf. “……he hopes to play in the Safeway Open, Oct. 13-16, at Silverado Resort and Spa in Napa, California. Woods also intends to compete in the Turkish Airlines Open, Nov. 3-6, in Antalya, Turkey, and the Tiger Woods Foundation-run Hero World Challenge, Dec. 1-4, at Albany in the Bahamas. He will participate in the Tiger Woods Invitational presented by USLI, Oct. 10-11, on the Monterey Peninsula.

Jesper Parnevik says that Tiger is ready and is “flushing” the ball during practice. Parnevik also indicated that Woods is ready to play competitively. Having not played at the élite level since 2015 at the Wyndham Championship, it is difficult to judge if he is actually ready. Regardless, the golfing world is anxiously waiting for Woods return next weekend at the Safeway Open. Are you? Continue reading

The Last Men’s Night of the 2016 Golf Season

After playing an exciting 18 holes during the intersection finals, I signed up to play 9 more at the last Men’s Night of 2016. I can say that after walking 27 holes, I was tired and ready for a rest. Interestingly, my fatigue did not detract from an outstanding last round.

We started on the 1st hole at 5 pm. It gets dark around 7:20 pm so there is not much time to waste playing 9 holes. This week Blair, my usual playing partner, and I were team with Gil and Wayne. We have seen these two gentlemen around the course, but have not played with them. Well that all changed and for the better! Continue reading

What is Stopping You From Playing Golf?

What is stopping you from playing golf? Which hurdle is greater than all others that prevents golfers from looping the course as often as they would like. The answer is not complex, however many pundits point to economic reasons and various customer service theories for the lack of participation.

I am not convinced the pundits are correct. Sometimes the simple answer is overlooked because it is…well…too simple! Golfing is an addictive sport/game/hobby that accepts any level of commitment. The challenge for most is figuring out how much effort they want to expend hitting the links.

Continue reading