The Last Men’s Night of the 2016 Golf Season

After playing an exciting 18 holes during the intersection finals, I signed up to play 9 more at the last Men’s Night of 2016. I can say that after walking 27 holes, I was tired and ready for a rest. Interestingly, my fatigue did not detract from an outstanding last round.

We started on the 1st hole at 5 pm. It gets dark around 7:20 pm so there is not much time to waste playing 9 holes. This week Blair, my usual playing partner, and I were team with Gil and Wayne. We have seen these two gentlemen around the course, but have not played with them. Well that all changed and for the better!

We met at the first tee and after introductions, Gil took the bull by the horns to get us organized. Gil asked if we wanted to keep the same order through the entire round, if we were splitting any prize money, and if we had any other suggestions to for the group. Personally, I thought his approach was excellent because we developed a game plan before we hit the first ball.


Blair, Gil and Wayne. My playing partners on the last Men’s Night of 2016.

The order was decided; Wayne, Blair, Gil and then me would hit every shot. Blair and I are very flexible and thought Gil’s plan was solid. After hitting our first tee shots, we quickly realized that our team had some game!

Wayne cracked his first drive 245 yards right down the center of the fairway. He was sneaky long and from first looks I would never have guessed. He is slight of build, has a narrow stance, and is quick to play. But, he has a long smooth rotation that generates plenty of head speed. He hits all his irons solid and offers a strong short game.


Blair hitting safe on a short par 4.

Gil is a different player. He is shorter hitter, but kept his ball in play. Although he had a challenge getting the ball to the hole on putts (this is an inside joke for the group), he was steady and reliable through the entire 9 holes. He was the perfect complement to our group.

Blair and I filled in when Wayne and Gil needed our help. I will say though, that Blair was putting very well all night. His best putt of the round was a hard turning 65 foot putt which tracked to the hole like it was on a string. We stole a shot on that one for sure.

The golf was great, but it was overshadowed by the fun that started on the first tee. Right from the start Gil and Wayne were poking fun at each other and it took about a minute for Blair to jump in. Every shot seemed to bring out the best (or worse) in us. We congratulated the great shots and cajoled the bad ones! We laughed for the entire 9 holes and kept everything light. That is what Men’s Night is all about.

I thought I would mention a few highlights that made our 6 under score (that is with one bogey) even more memorable.

  • I told you about Blair’s putt.
  • Gil was the only one to hit the par 3, 8th green and he made the putt!
  • Wayne hit a clutch drive on our last hole, it set us up for our last birdie.
  • On the par 3, 2nd hole, everyone was on the green within 12 feet of the pin. My ball was nearest to the hole, but not by much.

Walking off the 9th green, we shook hands and departed as friends. This was the most enjoyable Men’s Night of the year. We talked about golf being a contact sport and last Wednesday was the epitome of great times.

Thanks Gil, Wayne and Blair for a great round. I hope we have the opportunity to play again sometime.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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