Walking 27 Holes in Golf

Not the brightest decision of my golfing season. On Wednesday past, I did just that….I walked 27 holes carrying my clubs. I have carried for 18 holes plenty of times, but 27 holes, very rarely. As I looped the course, I realized that carrying clubs for 6 hours is not an easy feat.

As I was entering my 5th hour, I started to think about the benefits and necessities of carrying a golf bag for so long. As I thought about it later, I realized a couple of important tips that might be of use to everyone. You never know who is going to want to loop 27 holes carrying their golf bag.

Normally, I carry my clubs for the first and last 6 weeks of the golfing season. I like to prepare and end my season by getting a bit of a workout on the course.

First, carrying a golf bag for 27 holes is great exercise. According to The Walking Golfer, I burnt 2100 calories. Livestrong says it is the equivalent of running 20 miles or riding a bicycle for 6 hours. Hence, the reason I focus on aerobic and anaerobic training all year.


Great carry bag from Callaway. It was a gift from my friend Kirk when I retired last May.

Next, have a great bag. My new Callaway bag is light and durable. The double strap system is excellent and once adjusted properly it made carrying my clubs, two dozen balls, sunscreen, a sweatshirt, a litre of water, 100 tees and an assortment of other golf stuff, easy.

Next, have a pair of comfortable golf shoes. I have a pair of Adidas and FootJoy shoes. Either would be comfortable and durable to walk 27 holes without giving me blisters.

Stay hydrated! I drank lots of water. I made a point of drinking a cup or two every 3 holes. It paid off because I was still feeling comfortable at the end. My muscles were not tight and I did not cramp at all. Hydration is very important.

After 18 holes, I ate a banana and nothing else. If I were to change anything, I would have had more healthy snacks. I should have had a few nuts and some more fruit. Eating nutritional snacks is a definite benefit when carrying your clubs for 27 holes.

Lastly, when carrying your clubs for 6 hours, it is important to take a rest when you can. During the last 9 holes, I sat on the bench at the tee box on almost every hole. By taking the weight off my feet, I was able to rest my legs and stay strong as I continued my way around the course.

For those still wondering, here is a good video about adjusting your carry bag.

I am not sure that I will carry my clubs for more than 18 holes in the future, but if I do, I will have to remember to be prepared.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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