Walking 27 Holes in Golf

Not the brightest decision of my golfing season. On Wednesday past, I did just that….I walked 27 holes carrying my clubs. I have carried for 18 holes plenty of times, but 27 holes, very rarely. As I looped the course, I realized that carrying clubs for 6 hours is not an easy feat.

As I was entering my 5th hour, I started to think about the benefits and necessities of carrying a golf bag for so long. As I thought about it later, I realized a couple of important tips that might be of use to everyone. You never know who is going to want to loop 27 holes carrying their golf bag.

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Is Nutrition Really Important?

No matter what most people do, when planning a 4-6 hour outing, they bring a snack, or plan to stop for food.  Additionally, they bring water to stay hydrated because on hot days they understand the importance of drinking plenty of water.  So, how many of us have arrived at the golf course with no water, food or plan to make sure we have enough energy for our trek around the course.

While watching the pros on TV, I noticed that they all seem to eat multiple snacks while playing.  I have seen a half of sandwich, a granola bar (at least it looks like a granola bar) and fruit.  Additionally, they are constantly drinking something.  Therefore, if the pros do it, I would suggest that eating the right foods and drinking plenty of fluids is probably important to their game.

As a rule, I always bring water.  Most courses do not have water at various holes anymore due to the health risks, so carrying water is important.  I have a water bottle (I clean after every round) which is permanent part of my golfing equipment.  Water is very important on those hot days when the sun is shining, but equally (and less understood) important on warm cloudy days.

Bringing a snack is very important as well.  I am not talking about a chocolate bar or chips or stopping to get a hot dog or sausage, but bring a health nutritional snack with you.  It is very important to eat nutritional foods because the body needs the energy in the last 6 holes to make sure you continue to play well.

I carry (which has changed over the years because of my growing knowledge) an apple and/or banana, nuts, snack vegetables and/or a granola bar.  These are good snacks for me and I do not have to stop and eat an entire meal.  I just pick away at my feast hole-by-hole.  I feel energized and notice that my game does not diminish as I near the end of the round.

So there you have it, eating nutritional food and drinking plenty of water is important to your game.  Why not set yourself up for success by eating nutritional snacks?

Nutritionally, how do you prepare for a round of golf?