More Golf Bags Than Golf Gloves

Yes, you read the heading correctly. In my current inventory of golf supplies I own more golf bags than golf gloves. I think I in the minority for this fact, but I cannot really prove it. So, lets just say that I am unique! All joking aside, I actually have about seven golf bags, but only two that I actually use. The rest are storing my spare golf clubs, therefore I do not count them in my total. With this fact, I still have more golf bags than gloves!

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Carrying Your Clubs – Lighten the Load

20160921_181530_hdrI like to carry my golf clubs for the first and last two months of my golfing season. I have accepted that as I age, carrying my clubs in the heat of summer is not any fun. I can physically do it, but there is less incentive to work that hard.

Carrying my clubs 4 to 5 times a week is great exercise. My bag weighs about 20 – 25 pounds and only holds the essentials to play golf. Over the years, I have realized that carrying extra stuff, is not the smartest thing to do and it does affect my game down the stretch. Therefore, I make sure I lighten the load before I play. Continue reading

Do You Really Need 14 Golf Clubs?

We all know that 14 clubs is the maximum anyone can carry during a round of golf. There is no limit on the minimum number of clubs, but 14 is max. There are reasons for only 14 clubs, however that would be a topic that would take us down the rabbit hole. Knowing how to distribute the type of clubs you carry is determined by your game.

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Walking 27 Holes in Golf

Not the brightest decision of my golfing season. On Wednesday past, I did just that….I walked 27 holes carrying my clubs. I have carried for 18 holes plenty of times, but 27 holes, very rarely. As I looped the course, I realized that carrying clubs for 6 hours is not an easy feat.

As I was entering my 5th hour, I started to think about the benefits and necessities of carrying a golf bag for so long. As I thought about it later, I realized a couple of important tips that might be of use to everyone. You never know who is going to want to loop 27 holes carrying their golf bag.

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What’s in Your Golf Bag?

Before you start telling me about your clubs, that is a topic for another day. What I am interested in deals with what you carry while you play golf. I borrowed a set of clubs from a friend on my last trip to the UK (the clubs actually belonged to his son) and I had to take some things out just to lighten the load.

I was amazed to find 4 bottles of Gatorade in various stages of emptiness, two rain jackets, about 100 tees, an umbrella, and at least 4 dozen golf balls! Needless to say, the bag was considerably lighter once I removed all the non essential stuff. As this new season has started, I decided to check to see what I have in my golf back.

Well, I had one wind shirt, an umbrella (most of the time), 50 tees, and about 18 golf balls (in various states of use). If you think that is not too bad, I also found rain cold gloves although it is really warm, 7 divot repair tools and 10 ball markers. I also carry a brush to clean my clubs, a copy of the golf rules, two towels and a key chain with my favorite hockey team’s logo (a present from my daughter). 

In my car, I carry spare spikes, 2 dozen golf balls, rain suit, 2 spare sets of shoes, spare towels, sun screen, golf hats and sharpies for marking my golf balls. I guess I have turned my car into a traveling locker for golf.

I bet if you emptied your golf bag, you would be surprise at what you find. If you do decide to look into the dark crevasses of your golf bag, what is the oddest thing you think you will find? We all want to know!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!