More Golf Bags Than Golf Gloves

Yes, you read the heading correctly. In my current inventory of golf supplies I own more golf bags than golf gloves. I think I in the minority for this fact, but I cannot really prove it. So, lets just say that I am unique! All joking aside, I actually have about seven golf bags, but only two that I actually use. The rest are storing my spare golf clubs, therefore I do not count them in my total. With this fact, I still have more golf bags than gloves!

If you are wondering, I have a total of zero golf gloves. I never wear one and as such, I don’t own any. Regardless of the weather, my hands are garment free and it has been that way for about 25 or 30 years. A golf glove is not something I ever found comfortable, so why wear one?

Apparently, I am not the only player to have multiple golf bags, some have quite a few more than others (11 being the highest reported number) and to tell you the truth, I am not surprised.

I generally only have two golf bags on the go at any one time. I find any more than that is a waste. Currently, I have a carry bag and a push/power cart bag. I love them both and use them equally.

The first bag I use at the beginning and end of the season is my carry bag. This particular bag was a gift from one of my best friends on my retirement from the regular force of the Canadian Military. It is light weight, easy to carry, reminds me that I need to play more golf with him. Kirk and I always enjoy hitting the links and he currently is the proud owner of “The Duck“. I love this golf bag and hopefully it will be around for a very long time.

My push/power cart bag was also a gift. My wife convinced me to buy it when we were in Kingston, Ontario at Military Golf Regionals. I think this was about eight years ago and the bag is still in great shape. On a side note, I have changed my clubs twice since buying this bag. And none were Ping!

I believe that when I find something I like and use; to use it until it needs replacing. At this time, both of these golf bags are in excellent shape and will last a few more seasons. I see no requirement to change what is working.

How many golf bags do you have? Do you use them all?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “More Golf Bags Than Golf Gloves

  1. My Ping staff bag has never seen a Ping club either. I just liked the bag and the deal I got at the time. Mine’s looking a little sadder than yours does that. At least on the other side. The only letter left there is the I. But it’s been a real work horse. It carries everything I could need on the course. Checking the pockets, you’ll find things like mosquito spray, sun screen, a full weather suit including hat, the tool for adjusting my 2 wood, and the tool for replacing spikes on my shoes. Probably 3 dozen golf balls. In fact, the only pockets that aren’t bursting at the seems right now are the cooler because I carry my keys, glasses case, an extra towel and my oversized mug in that pocket when playing, and the top center pocket that I keep my gloves in. I cleaned it out so right now it has just the 3 new gloves I bought and my rain gloves. There are things hanging off the ring on the other side. A brush for cleaning groves, a bag with things like pencils, extra ball markers, the broken bag tag I got for my hole in one, and other miscellaneous junk and a Swiss Army divot tool joins the junk hanging off that ring. And my umbrella generally rides in the putter tube since my putter grip is too big for it. All in it’s a heavy beast. I’d be bent in half if I tried to carry that thing even 9 holes. So I use a push cart when walking. I like being prepared. Since I’m used to playing different courses all the time and Florida weather can be unpredictable, it’s saved me from having to leave quite a few times over the years.


    • Kevin

      That sounds about right. I carry more ‘stuff’ in my ping bag than my carry bag. I too use my cooler pouch to carry stuff as I rarely need to keep things cool when playing. The challenge I am having now is the weight and the size. I would like a lighter cart bag, but with the same pockets. I have yet to find something I like better, so until then I will keep using my Ping bag.

      Cheers Jim


  2. I know a few professionals didn’t wear a golf glove. Tommy Gainey wore 2 ! I wear one on my left had, though in rainy weather I have a pair of rain gloves. I have 2 golf bags. I have my new clubs and I don’t have a golf bag for them.


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